In 2016 we were blessed with our first child, a beautiful baby boy, who despite all my hard work growing him is the spitting image of his lovely father. I don’t think anything really prepared me for motherhood, social media tricks you into thinking its going to be picture perfect when in all likelihood you’re more likely to be opening the door to the postman exhausted with an unintentional afro and no bra. Despite that though, parenting has been the most incredible Journey our little baby boy is now a (very) energetic three year old who just beams fun, personality and mischief. We didn’t think our little family could get any better until January 2019 when our beautiful baby girl was born, having a second child was nerve wracking but in all honesty it’s felt natural since the day she was born and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Although, I must say we’ve been so lucky to have been blessed with such a happy and relaxed little girl. Parenting isn’t always easy, there is ups and downs teamed with constant worries but it is the most amazing journey I have ever embarked on and all of us as parents are blessed with the little people that we work oh so tirelessly to raise.
As a family the glue that keeps us so close together is made of the time we spend together. I decided to start this blog in order to create a community to share ideas for ways to spend that time be it creative, educational or just for fun. It may take me a while to get this blog up and running, but the other hope I had was to create a place for parents to communicate and connect, so please do comment and share your thoughts!
much love and appreciation to all you wonderful mummies and daddies,
The Madhouse Mummy xx

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