you will need

1 piece of card
Shapes to hang from your mobile (I recommend having doubles of each shape to create a back so that you cannot see string and tape)
shapes to decorate the top of your mobile
Double sided tape
Hole punch







Step 1 – Take your piece of card and cut it horizontally down the middle. Attach a strip of double sided tape to one end of both strips of card. Stick the two halves together to create a ring.img_0246.jpg

Step 2 – use your hole punch to make for equally spaced holes at the top of the card ring.img_0252-1.jpg

Step 3 – Cut four Equal lengths of string. Thread your string through the holes into the middle of the ring and fasten with tape.

Step 4 – hold the ends of the string making sure the mobile hangs equally. Fold the ends op string down over your finger and secure with tape or a knot to create a loop.

Step 5 – Cut enough varied lengths of string for all your hanging decorations (we used pre cut foam dinos we purchased from hobby craft and egg shaped cut outs). secure the string to the back of your shape using double sided sticky tape. attach your duplicate shape to the tape to hide your string (if you only have single shapes don’t worry just use regular Sellotape tape to attach your string to your shape)

Step 6 – using Sellotape attach your strung shapes into the centre of your mobile ring. add any last decorations!


Your mobile can be stuck to the ceiling using the loop created or you can thread a length of string through the loop and tie it as required 🙂

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