Handprint and name art

How sweet are these simple little keepsakes? We made two; one to go in Teds childhood memory box  –  and one to frame and hang (Once the frame finally arrives I will update the picture to show you how it looks!)

We chose these colours to create a tye dye affect. We love all things bright and colourful in this house but you could use any colours you like! Greens, Blues and Oranges go great with a dinosaur theme or how about greens and browns to give a camouflage effect?

Ted had so much fun making these, he particularly loved using the pegs and pom poms to paint, he thought it was really funny! Not only is it a fun way to paint but by using the pom poms to dab the paint on rather than a brush to spread, the paint is less likely to touch the areas you are trying to keep white!


What you will need to make your own.
A4 Card (we used white but you can have any backing colour you like!)
A piece of paper (colour doesn’t matter)
Paints (we used light blue, light green, orange, purple, yellow and aqua)
Pom Poms (or cotton wool balls)
Blu tack

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The first thing you need to do is take your piece of paper. Draw on their the design that you want to keep clear in your picture, take your scissors and cut out your design. Next, take your blutack and cover the back of the design in small blu tack pieces. Its better to use small and frequent dots as opposed to a couple of large dots as this holds it down better and you are less likely to get too much paint under the design. position the design how you wish it on the design and lightly stick it – you don’t want to press too hard or you could end up tearing your card whilst removing the blu tack.


Next, Attach your pegs to your pom poms or cotton wool balls to create your own paint dabbers!
Lightly Dab the paint all over the top of your design, Make sure to cover the entire piece so that your design really stands out at the end!


Once your piece is totally covered, leave it to dry. If you try to remove the paper now its likely that you will spread paint on to your design.


Once your piece is dry, very carefully remove the paper design, take care that the blu tack doesn’t rip the card.

and you’re finished!

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