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3d handprint flower

I’d been trying to come up with a large scale craft that my son and I could do to cover an empty space on my kitchen wall. We’d made a 3d handprint flower card a little while back and I thought, How cute would that be on a bigger scale! As a mum I absolutely love handprint crafts. Not only do they look great but they are lovely to keep to look back on and see how much our children have grown. Our handprint flower can be made in various sizes but the one I have detailed below has been made to fit A2 sized paper.

you will need:

(in your chosen colours for: the petals, stem and leaves; also for the grass, clouds and seeds)
white paper
Coloured card

(in your chosen colour for: the centre of the flower)
A2 card/paper
(or 4 sheets of A4 stuck together)
Glue stick
Glue gun

A pencil

We decided to print on to white paper rather than directly onto the card for the simple reason that the colours stand out better. To make the petals of the flower you will need around 20-25 handprints in your chosen colour.
for the stem and the leaves you will need four green footprints.
If you plan on making the butterfly and the bee as we have you will also need to print one yellow footprint for the Bee’s body and two coloured footprints for the butterfly’s wings.

Once your handprints are dry, cut them out and stick them in a wreath shape to form the flower’s petals.

Add your footprints to create the stem and the leaves. now you can see the basic shape of your flower!

Take your coloured card and cut out a circle to fit the gap in the centre of your flower. Take your coloured card and draw around your child’s hand. cut out this first handprint and use it as a stencil. You will need around 10-12 handprints to create the centre of the flower.

Take your handprints and fold the base about a cm upwards to create a tab. Take your scissors and cut from the bottom middle of the hand to the line which you have just folded.

The cuts you have just made will allow you to curve the handprints around the circle piece of card. Stick the handprints all the way around the edge of the circle. glue the tip of the thumb of each handprint so that it touches the base of the middle finger of the print next to it. This will mean that you wont have any large gaps when you are finished.

Glue the centre of your flower down and fold the fingers of the handprints out to the sides.

We had a little glue spill in the centre of our flower so we cut out a circle from our card and glued it in the centre. This step isn’t necessary but does cover the base of the hands and make the fingerprinting stage easier later on.

We then added a footprint bumblebee. To make your own bumblebee, glue a googly eye to the heal of the foot, then add wings, stripes and a mouth using a black marker.

If you wish to add a butterfly, glue two footprints about a centimetre apart. Take your chosen colour marker and draw the body, head and antennae. To finish him off add two googly eyes.

Almost done! To add the finishing touches to your picture paint on some grass, some clouds and some seeds in your flower. We did this by fingerprinting but you could use any method you like!

And that’s it! your 3d handprint flower picture is finished! These pictures look great on the wall and they make wonderful keepsakes. You could also create a smaller version of the flower to fit on a card!

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