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Hungry Spinosaurus dinosaur rocker.

Dinosaurs are a popular subject in my house at the moment. My 3yo is completely obsessed with them so we’ve had to learn many of the names! His favourite dinosaur at the moment is the Spinosaurus. It looks really cool which makes it the perfect craft. my son loves his rocked and pond and we’ve since had to make three more Spinosaurus’ so that he can have a whole family of them!

You will need

2 Paper plates
1 sheet of white card
Coloured and white paper

(you only need small pieces, not whole sheets)
Green, blue, white paint

1 Googly eye
(optionally pink too if you wish to add lily pads to your pond!)
Pva glue
Glue gun


First take one of your paper plates and fold it in half. Use your scissors to cut the inner part of the plate out. You should now have a patterned wreath and a folded circle.

To make the Spinosaurus’ spiny plate, Cut your wreath in to three equal lengths. Glue them together one above the other – as if you were making a rainbow!

Glue your folded circle at the bottom of your rainbow shape.

Trim the Spinosaurus’s spiny plate to shape

Next you’ll need to cut your dinosaur’s head and tail out of your white card. Glue them to the back of your Spinosaurus. Now to paint your Spino! We chose a light green for the body and a darker green for the spiny plate on its back.

Take your second paper plate, This will be your water! Cover your plate in blue paint and add some white ripples. My son insisted that we needed to add some lily pads too.

Whilst your Spinosaurus is drying, take your coloured paper and cut out some fish shapes. we made 7 but you can add as many as you like. Next, take your white paper and cut out some teeth for your Spino.

Once your water plate is dry glue down your fish.

Add your teeth to your Spinosaurus and stick on a googly eye!

To finish, add a small amount of glue to the inside of your rocker near the tail end, I have marked it in the picture to help guide you. This will help stop your paper plate from opening and your Spinosaurus rocker falling over!

Your Hungry Spinosaurus dinosaur rocker is finished!
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