paper plate pumpkin shape collage craft for kids

Autumn is my favorite season and with it comes one of my favorites holidays – Halloween! The raincoats and scarves are already out which we’ve taken as a sign that its time to start making some homemade decorations for the spooky season. My kids aren’t really into trick or treating, they’d rather go to a Halloween party or just stay home, dress up and watch a movie which sounds perfect to me! One thing we do love to do together though is decorate the house. so today we’ve started making our decorations with this fun paper plate shape pumpkin craft! These are great practice for children like my daughter who are just learning their shapes.

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plate
  • Orange paint and paintbrush
  • Black/green/brown paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a paper plate shape pumpkin

Take the paper plate and cover it completely in orange paint before popping it aside to dry.

From the black paper cut out several different shapes that can be used to make the pumpkins face. We used triangles, squares and circles. Glue the shapes down onto the paper plate to make the face.

paper plate pumpkin shape collage craft for kids

Cut out and glue on a shape for the stalk and leaf then put to one side to dry. Once completely dry the paper plate pumpkins are ready to display!

We’d love to see what pumpkin designs your little ones make! Did you know you can now share them with us on Facebook?

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