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My son really loves dinosaurs, he has a huge collection of models which we’ve gathered from all over the place and he knows almost all their names. Today he asked me to draw a diplodocus for him to colour in. Being honest my drawing skills really aren’t that great, I can just about manage a dinosaur head shape and that’s about it! So to dodge some terrible drawing I suggested making this Spotty diplodocus dinosaur instead, My son had so much fun making these that he’s made a handful; some with tissue paper, others with pom poms (if you’re considering pom poms be warned – they’re a nightmare to stick with pva!). This little craft is really simple and once the shape is cut out it can easily be made by young children under adult supervision!

You will need

Green card
tissue paper
Googly eye (or you can just draw one!)

First you need to start by drawing out the diplodocus shape. If like me you’re making multiple or you’re not too convinced by your drawing skills, you may want to draw your design on to some old paper to make a template.

Once you have your design drawn on to your green card, cut out your dinosaur head. Use your glue to stick down a googly eye and give your diplodocus a mouth.

Now we need to add some spots to our dinosaurs! My son found that the easiest way for him to do this was to cover his dino in big glue spots. For the spots; simply scrunch up some coloured tissue paper and stick it down.

To finish your dinosaur simply mount him on to a piece of card. You could optionally add a message in the blank space on your card!
See! so simple and so much fun for little people!

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