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If you’ve been following our crafts at all you will know by now that my son is a huge fan of all kinds of animals. At the moment Giraffes are his favourite so we decided we needed to make something giraffe to join our safari of crafts! This Spotty tissue paper giraffe is simple to set up and even easier for children to decorate, which makes it perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers!

You will need:

Yellow card
Googly eye
Red pen
tissue paper
Optional background paper.

First of all you will need to draw and cut out the shape of your Giraffe.
If you’re struggling to draw the Giraffe, simply draw the oval of the head, add the neck and then the head details.
(when I finally get a scanner I will upload a printable template – so watch this space!)

Give your giraffe an eye, a mouth and colour in the inner ear.
Next cover your Giraffe’s neck in glue dots where you want to stick your spots.

Take your coloured tissue paper and rip it up into small pieces. Scrunch each piece into a ball and stick it down on to your glue spots. If you want to you can mount your giraffe onto a background piece of paper.
Your Spotty tissue paper Giraffe is finished!

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