Fingerprint Fairy light name

Fingerprint Fairy light name

Fingerprint Fairy light name

This Fingerprint Fairy light name craft is really simple and quick to set up, it only takes two steps! This makes it a perfect craft for a time limit or for large groups such as Preschool groups and classes. These names look particularly great at Christmas but can also be used for any other time of celebration!

You will need:

4-6 colours of paint
White paper
Permanent marker

(or a pen that wont bleed)
Coloured card to mount your picture
A wet wipe
(so that you don’t mix colours)

Take your permanent marker and write out your desired name in long loopy letters, make sure the letters are joined together so that it looks like the wire of your fairy lights! Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, once the little ones start printing it will look great!

add fingerprints all along the lines of your letters to make your Christmas lights. you could optionally mount the pictures on coloured card but it isn’t necessary.

And that’s your fingerprint fairy light name done. It really is that simple!

Handprint flower messages

Handprint flower messages

Handprint flower messages


There’s no gift quite like a handmade gift. These handprint flower messages were really easy and quick to make – which came in handy when I realised i’d forgotten to buy 3yo’s preschool teacher a card to go with her present! She loved her thank you flower, so did Ted’s Granny who we also made one for.

Along side the message on the front of the leaves you could also write on the back of the handprint if you need more room.

Here’s what you will need to make your own!

  • 1 Piece of white card
  • Green card
  • A Green paper straw
  • Felt tips
    (you can use paints but it will take longer to dry)
  • Scissors
  • Mini Glue gun
    (you can use pva glue, but again it will take longer to dry)

Place your child’s hand on the white card and draw around it. Then, take your scissors and cut out the handprint, you only need one handprint per flower.


Decorate the handprint. My 3yo ‘Ted’ used loads of different colours and it turned out great!


Take your green card and cut out your leaves. we used one leaf per word of our message.


Position your flower on the top of the straw and glue it down. Then position your leaves where you want them and glue them down too!

To finish our flowers we rolled a ball of air drying clay and pushed the flower in to it, this was simply to make it freestanding and isn’t necessary.


Your handprint flower message is finished. Want to make a vase for your flowers? a decorated paper cup makes a great vase!

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You can find more crafty ideas on my Pinterest.

DIY 5 minute craft: shape stamps

DIY 5 minute craft: shape stamps

5 Minute crafts: Shape stamps


These cute little stamps are super easy to make and are a fun way to help teach your little one shapes and colours!

We had so much fun doing this activity, my 3yo has mastered colours so he just picked out his two favourites, but you could use various colours to best suit your child’s learning.
These stamps are great because they make painting that little bit more exciting, they’re educational and they’re free, most of us have a spare bit of cardboard lying around somewhere!

You could even try stamps of other designs too. I’m going to make some numeral stamps to help teach Ted 1-10 and he’s requested some Dinosaur stamps too!

What you need to make your own

A piece of thick cardboard, a piece of old box will do!
Double sided tape
A pen or pencil


Step 1 Cut out squares for the base of your stamps


Step 2 – Cut out your desired shapes


Step 3 – Use the Double sided sticky tape to attach the shapes to your stamp bases


Step 4 – Paint the shape and then turn and print onto a piece of paper, make sure you press down hard! why don’t you see what you can make with your shape stamps? how about an awesome shape rocket?!