Toilet roll camouflage binoculars

Toilet roll camouflage binoculars

These toilet roll camouflage binoculars provide hours of cheap fun and are a great way to get the kids outside! We used ours whilst exploring the environment and completing my free printable nature scavenger hunt.

Here’s what we used

  • Clean Cardboard rolls
  • Coloured card
  • Coloured papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun and an adult OR pva glue
  • String

How to make toilet roll camouflage binoculars!

Cut out a strip of card the same height as the tp roll and long enough to wrap around it. Glue the card and wrap it around the toilet roll.

Repeat the above step to make the other side of the binoculars.

Glue a thin black strip around both ends of each toilet roll to make the rim of the binoculars.

Next cut out several patches from your coloured papers and glue them down randomly on each tube to create a camouflage effect

Glue the two tubes of the binoculars together and then finally take a length of string and glue an end down inside each tube on the outer edge of the roll. I used a glue gun for my kid’s binoculars but pva glue will work perfectly too, you’ll just need to make to sure your child’s binoculars are completely dry before they’re played with!