Toilet roll Teddy bear craft

Toilet roll Teddy bear craft

Toilet roll teddy bear craft idea for kids

Its been a bit of a funny day for us today, the rain hasn’t stopped all day and the thunder has been just as keen too. We never really go out when its thundering as my two really aren’t keen on it, so we’ve just spent the day plodding about the house. We did however get the craft stuff out for a while earlier. Ted wanted to do some crafting by himself but also wanted me to sit next to him too. So, whilst he was busy making some awesome junk modelling I made this cute little toilet roll teddy bear craft. My youngest is totally fascinated with them and has been playing with them all afternoon. I took this to mean that she thought they were good, so I thought it would be nice to share them on here!

Heres what we used

  • Empty toilet roll
  • Brown and pink paper
  • Eye stickers
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our toilet roll teddy bear craft

First take your brown piece of paper and cut a piece the same length as your toilet roll and wide enough to stretch around it. Cover one side of your paper in glue and wrap it around your toilet roll so that it’s completely covered.

Toilet roll teddy bear craft idea for kids

Now its time to give your Teddy bear a face! Cut out two semi circle ears and inner ears and glue them in place on the inside of your toilet roll. Stick on two eyes and a nose then finish the face by drawing on a mouth.

To make the teddy bears arms and legs you’ll need to make some springs. Cut out two thin strips of your brown paper and glue them together at a right angle as you can see above. Then, accordion fold them by taking turns folding one over the other. Once you reach the end of your paper, glue your two loose ends together. You’ll need to make four springs in total.

From your brown paper cut out four circles to make the paws. Then, cut out four slightly smaller pink circles and glue them in the center of the brown ones to make the inside of the paw.

Toilet roll teddy bear craft idea

Glue a paw on to one end of each spring and then glue the other side of the spring onto your bear. Your cute little toilet roll teddy bear craft is finished!

Pop up Ted in a bed.

Pop up Ted in a bed.

Pop up Ted in a bed.

My niece and nephew came to visit the other day, they call my house the making house. My niece came in the door dragging this massive teddy bear behind her and asked if we could make a picture or something of her bear. However, my nephew just wanted some paper plates to make a craft that moves or does something. I decided to combine the two and came up with this pop up ted In a bed. I loved how different each one turned out. My son decorated his with blocks of colour, my niece decorated hers with spots and my nephew drew a dinosaur quilt. They all look great! the best part is they’re really simple to make.

You will need

2 paper plates
2 popsicle sticks
Pens or paint
Googly eyes
1 sheet of Pink & Brown card
Black marker
Pva Glue

Take one of your paper plates and cut it in half, this will be the bears blanket. Using pens or paints, Decorate your blanket.

Once dry, turn your blanket over and apply glue as the above lines show, stick it down on your other paper plate so that the edges line up. Make sure to leave a gap at the bottom big enough for your popsicle stick!

Take your brown (or painted brown!) Card and cut out a bear shape

Add facial features to your bear. We cut out the inner ears and nose from pink paper, glued on two googly eyes and used a black marker for the mouth and arms.
Glue two popsicle sticks end to end and then glue the bear centrally on one end.

Thread your popsicle stick down inside the quilt and through the hole that you left in your paper plates.

you may find that the popsicle sticks are catching on the plate. If so turn your plates over and make a small slit in the bottom of the back paper plate where the popsicle stick is.

Your Pop up ted in a bed is finished and looks super sweet! My son loves using his for singing 10 in the bed, this would be great for nursery song time with multiple bears!

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