Pinecone Christmas tree ornament

Pinecone Christmas tree ornament

Can you believe it’s only 9 weeks until Christmas? Where on earth has that time gone?! We don’t generally put our decorations up until the first of December but we love to have as many handmade ones as possible. We recently collected some pinecones and have slowly been turning into decorations for my sons tree. This pinecone Christmas tree ornament is probably my favourite so far purely because it is so simply and fun, whilst I did use a glue gun to make mine, my preschool aged son made an absolutely fab one all by himself using Pva glue (I did use my glue gun to attach the ribbon)! They really are a fun craft for children and adults alike.

You will need

A Pinecone
Green paint
Small pom poms
1 Regular yellow/gold Pom Pom
Glue gun or Pva glue

To start making your Christmas tree; coat your pinecone in a layer of green paint and allow to dry.

Use your glue to attach your little multi-coloured Pom Poms to the ‘branches’ of your pinecone tree. These will be your tree decorations!

Glue your large yellow/gold Pom Pom to the top of your pinecone, this will be your star. Your pinecone Christmas tree is finished! If you wish to hang your ornament check out the next step to see how.

To hang your ornament; take a length of ribbon and tie it into a loop. Use your glue (a hot glue gun works best) to glue the knotted end of your loop into the top of your pinecone between branches. Then place a dab of glue onto your star Pom Pom and secure your ribbon there too .

Your tree is finished! How sweet do these little decorations look? They make fab gifts for family and friends too!

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Pinecone Penguin ornament

Pinecone Penguin ornament

Pinecone Penguin ornament

This year my son is upgrading from a little tree in his room to a full size one. we like to decorate his tree in handmade decorations and we don’t have a huge amount from last Christmas so we’ve started crafting extra early this year. We decided we wanted to make something Penguin and i’m chuffed with how cute this little pinecone penguin ornament turned out. We will definitely be going pine cone hunting again, just so we can make more of these cuties for the tree and for gifts from my little person to family!

You will need

1 Pinecone
White paint
1 Black Pom Pom
Small piece of black. yellow and orange card
2 Googly eyes
Glue gun or Pva glue.

To start making your penguin, take your white paint and brush it over the edges of your pinecone. Once dry, use glue to attach your black Pom Pom to the top of your pinecone – this will be his head!

To make your penguin’s face simply glue to your Pom Pom two googly eyes and a folded yellow diamond shape for the beak.

Next, take your black card and cut out two wing shapes. From your orange card cut out two little feet. Now glue all the pieces into place.

Your penguin is now finished! if you wish to hang your penguin as a decoration then check out the next step.

To be able to hang your penguin ornament; cut a length of ribbon, fold it in half and tie a knot. Use a hot glue gun or a generous amount of PVA glue to attach the ribbon in one of the gaps at the back of your penguin.

And that’s it! Your super simple pinecone penguin ornament is finished! How sweet do these look! I really do love penguins!

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