Pom Pom busy activity, Sorting colours and sizes!

Pom Pom busy activity, Sorting colours and sizes!

Pom Pom busy activity, Sorting colours and sizes!

Give my 3yo a plastic toy and he will play with it for a few minutes before putting it aside. However, give him an activity which takes a little brain power and the chance to indulge in some schematic behaviour and he will be fascinated for hours! This Pom pom activity was a huge hit!


What we used.

A messy play tray – ours is just a big planting tray which we picked up from our local garden centre – it works perfectly. You can get some great messy play trays on amazon too though.

Multi colour plastic bowls – we got ours from Asda for £1! you can find them in many £ stores too.

Multi colour measuring spoons – we also picked these up from Asda for £1!

Pom Poms – same colours as the bowls but various shapes and sizes

Plastic tweezers – ours were from a toy doctor kit but you can buy a pack of jumbo easy grip tweezers on Amazon.

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Why is this activity so great?

Uses Fine motor skills: using the tweezers can be really challenging for young children!

Problem solving: which is the fastest way to sort them? which spoon is the best to use? which size spoon best fits the different spoons?

A fun way to learn colours

Encourages ability to match items based on a quality as opposed to what they are.

Learn to match colours regardless of shade.

Learn about size and mass in containers, what fits and what doesn’t? can you fit more big pom poms into the bowl or more small ones? encourages use of descriptive words related to size; ‘biggest, smallest, tiny, huge etc’

Great for children who demonstrate schematic behaviour such as containing and positioning.

Ted spent over an hour playing with this activity, we had loads of fun chatting about colours, shapes and what was the best method for sorting the colours. After he spent a while sorting the colours he then began lining up the pom poms in size order, an educational bonus that I hadn’t even thought of! Then, when he became bored of this, he fetched some of his construction toys and spent absolutely ages filling and emptying containers!

Why not give it a try?

*remember to always supervise your children during activities and ensure they are old enough to participate. Small items pose a choking risk*

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