Wooden spoon Christmas nativity angel.

Wooden spoon Christmas nativity angel.

It’s officially that time of year, town streets are showing off their best decorations, Christmas films are on the telly and shops are stocking up with all our favourite festive goodies. One thing i’m really looking forward to are the nativities. My son is still a little bit too young for a full blown nativity play but my niece and nephew are already gearing up for theirs. Every year they get so excited and practise their songs for weeks and weeks on end. This year my niece is hoping to be an angel. Thus came the inspiration for this super cute wooden spoon Christmas nativity angel. This craft definitely requires adult help if you’re using a hot glue gun but its such a fun project for children and grown ups to make together, We loved it!

You will need

a wooden spoon
a popsicle stick
Dress material
(i.e felt, foam fabric)
coloured pens
2 pipe cleaner
glue gun

Take your lollipop stick and glue it horizontally across your spoon to make your angel’s arms.

Now you need to make a template for your dress. Place your wooden spoon on to a white piece of paper, then draw a dress shape around the outside of your spoon shape, make sure your dress is at least half a cm wider than your spoon in all places so that you have room to glue your dress together. Cut out your shape.

Place your template shape onto your chosen material and using a pencil (so you that don’t colour your material) draw around it twice. Then cut out both shapes. Take your glue gun and place a strip of glue either side of the body on one of your dress pieces as shown by the red lines above. Position the pieces of dress together. Don’t glue the bottom of the dress so that children can still hold the spoon handle.

Place your spoon in place down through the dress, then glue the arms of your dress together around the popsicle stick arms.

Cut out several lengths of yarn or string, then glue them down in place around the edges of your spoon head to create your angel’s hair.

To make your halo simply take your pipe cleaner and twist one end in to a circle. Then take the length of piper cleaner you have left (as shown in the picture above to the right) and twist it around your halo to make it stronger by going up through the centre of halo, out over the side and then back up through. Continue this process until you have about 1cm of pipe cleaner left. Use this length of pipe cleaner to attach the halo to the back of your spoon.

Nearly finished! Use your pens to draw your angel’s face in the head of your spoon.

to make the wings, take another pipe cleaner, fold each end in to the centre. Twist the two ends around the centre of the piper cleaner to secure them in place. Use your glue gun to secure the wings to the back of your spoon.

Your wooden spoon angels are finished! How gorgeous do they look? I’m so pleased with how ours turned out!

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Leafy hedgehog collage

Leafy hedgehog collage

My son is always collecting leaves, I’m not quite sure why, its just something he’s always done. Usually we make cute little nature pictures from them but sadly once off the tree, leaves don’t last very long! This time we decided to use our leaves to make a picture we could keep. We’ve made a leafy hedgehog collage a few times and we thought this time why not use wax rubbings of our leaves so that we can keep him and hang him on the wall!

You will need

background paper
white paper
Wax crayons
Brown paper
Black marker
Googly eye or marker
scissors & glue

Its best to start your hedgehog by making his face, this gives the glue time to dry before you add your leaves. To make the face all you need to do is cut out a brown triangle and stick it down on one side of your paper. Then, give your hedgehog an eye and a nose!
(you could always cut out a fancier shaped head – Triangles are just easy for my little guy to cut out!)

Now to make your wax rubbings! To do so, simply place your leaf face up under your piece of white paper. Lay your wax crayon on its side and rub it over your paper where your leaf is. Depending on how hard your crayon is you may need to add a little pressure. We used around 12 leaf rubbings per hedgehog but it will depend on the size of your leaves!

Now you need to cut out your lead rubbings! Young children may find it easier if you draw them a guide line to follow around each leaf.

Finally, glue your leaf rubbings down to create your hedgehogs spiky body. How Cute does he look!?

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bonfire night scrap paper Fireworks.

bonfire night scrap paper Fireworks.

Remember, remember the 5th November! Guy Fawkes night is right around the corner and we’ve already been seeing fireworks all around. My son loves to watch them from our window and the various colours we’ve seen gave inspiration to these bonfire night scrap paper fireworks. Not only do we love how cute these pictures turned out, we also love that our scrap paper box is no longer overflowing! These pictures are so simple to make that they are perfect for pre-schoolers as well as older children too.

I’d love to see how your firework pictures turned out. Grownups, did you know you can now share them with me on Facebook and Twitter?

You will need

Coloured Scrap paper
Black paper

These Pictures are really simple and easy to make. All you need to do is cut your scrap paper into small strips, it doesn’t matter if they are wonky or different lengths, that just adds to the effect!

Take your black paper and simply glue down your strips in circular shapes to create your colourful fireworks. You can even add some orange and yellow strips to the bottom of your paper to create a bonfire!

I hope you all have an amazing time watching the fireworks and remember to stay safe this Guy Fawkes night!

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Thumbprint Reindeer card

Thumbprint Reindeer card

Printed crafts are great because they offer a real personal touch to a gift. These little thumbprint reindeer are so cute that we make always some cards in this style every year. The best part is they are really simple to make which means they’re great for younger children to get involved with too!

Thumbprint Reindeer heads

You will need:

White card
Brown paint
Brown marker
Googly eyes
Pom Poms

To start you will need to make your thumbprints, we went with three but you can do as many or little as you like. Leave your reindeer to dry.

Now take your brown pen and draw some simple antlers on to your reindeer prints.

Finally, add two googly eyes and a pom pom nose to each of your reindeer and optionally add a message to your card.

Thumbprint Reindeers

You will need

Brown paint
Red paint
Beige paint
Brown pen
Googly eyes

To make your reindeer you will need to make a vertical thumbprint for the head, then attach a horizontal thumbprint for the body. Leave your reindeer to dry.

Next take your brown pen and give each reindeer some antlers, legs and a tail.

Finish your Reindeer by adding two googly eyes and a nose to each. Don’t forget to give Rudolph a special red nose!

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Rockin’ paper plate whale

Rockin’ paper plate whale

Rockin’ paper plate whale

If you hadn’t already realised, we absolutely love to make ocean themed crafts in this house. Learning about sea creatures is something we all find enjoyable. Right now my son is obsessed with Orcas so this little paper plate whale was the perfect afternoon craft for us. We even looked up some whale facts whilst crafting to make it a bit more educational! Did you know, killer whales have around 45 teeth!
(if you want to learn more, check out the national geographic kids site – that’s what we were looking at and its great!)

You will need

A Paper plate
Black paint
Googly eye
Pink paper
White tissue paper

Take your paper plate and fold it in half. Draw your whale shape on to your folded plate. You can see that I have left a portion of the fold at the whales head and tail untouched, you don’t want to cut all of the fold line as your whale needs two sides attached to be able to rock!

Now to paint your Orca Whale! Use your black paint to paint his body but leave a white space near the centre of his head and on his belly.
(if you’re crafting with really young children you may find it easier to paint the whale totally black and then add the parts in using cut out white paper)

Using your scissors; cut out a small triangle for the mouth, add a thin pink strip to either side of the mouth to make some lips. To finish your whale’s face add a googly eye!

To add a water spout to your whale, take a square of white tissue paper and twist it to a point on one side. Use your scissors to make multiple snips on the other side.

Finally, make a small snip at the top of your whale’s head and pull the twisted end of your paper down through.

Your Rockin’ paper plate whale is finished, How great does he look!

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