Hatching dinosaur egg craft

Hatching dinosaur egg craft

How adorable is this baby triceratops? My son is mad about all things dinosaur and he just loved making and playing with this little cute hatching dinosaur egg craft. We’ve added it to his dinosaur themed bedroom next and it looks fab!

Here’s what we used

How to make our hatching dinosaur egg craft!

First we started by making our dinosaur egg. To do this, take the paper plate and cut a zig zag line directly through the middle of it. Take the paints and sponge them across the eggs to decorate them – my kids loved this bit! Once they are finished pop them aside to dry.

Cut out a circle for the dinosaur’s body and then a slightly smaller one for it’s head (you may want to check that they fit the egg before continuing)

Cut out several colourful semi circles to make the triceratops’ frill and then glue them down in place around the top 2/3 of its head.

Now add the triceratops three pointy horns and a triangular beak

Then add two eyes to finish the triceratops’ head

Glue the head circle on to the body circle and then take one half of the dried paper plate egg and glue it onto the front of the triceratops as above. Cut out to little feet and stick them onto the front of the egg so that it looks as if it’s feet are popping out.

Take a split pin and secure the two halves of egg together at one corner. Now the egg can move and the baby dinosaur can hatch! once dry your hatching eggs are finished!

Toilet roll pterodactyl

Toilet roll pterodactyl

This little toilet roll pterodactyl craft is so sweet and easy to make!

My little boy has always been really interested in dinosaurs. In his toy box he probably has a bigger selection than Jurassic world does. We’ve been collecting them from all over the place since he was really small, Some are new but many are ones that we have picked up in charity shops or at second hand sales. When it comes to dinosaur crafts though we have always struggled – they aren’t the easiest thing to Make! Today my little boy wanted to make some pterodactyls to hang up on his bedroom ceiling so we gave it a whirl and came up with these cuties! We think they look great, what do you think?

Here’s what we used

  • Empty Toilet rolls
  • Coloured and white card
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker

How to make this toilet roll pterodactyl craft

Start by taking your empty toilet roll and coating it in your chosen color of paint. Whilst your toilet roll is aside drying, take your colored card and cut out a diamond shape for the face.

Cut out and glue on two eyes and a triangle beak (we cut out a diamond and folded in half so that the mouth can open and shut!). Glue the pterodactyls’s face on to the toilet roll body

Fold a piece of colored paper in half and draw a wing shape on to it starting at the fold line. Cut out the wings and glue them centrally on the back of the toilet roll.

Cut out two little leg and feet shapes as above and then glue the top of the legs on the inside of the bottom of the toilet roll.

Your toilet roll pterodactyl is finished, don’t these look awesome?!