Chocolate strawberry valentines cards

Chocolate strawberry valentines cards

chocolate strawberry valentines card craft for kids

How adorable are these chocolate strawberry valentines cards!?

Valentines day is fast approaching and we have been busy making some cards to send out to all our loved ones. Valentines isn’t really something me and my other half celebrate too much, he’s not really the romantic sort! I usually get a cute little present and some years we might cuddle up and watch a film which is lovely! This year though, we think its more important than ever to share a little love around to the important people on our lives. Do you have any valentines day traditions in your house? we’d love to hear them!

Here’s what we used

  • Coloured card
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our chocolate strawberry valentines cards

Start by taking your piece of card and folding it in half to make your card shape. Using the bottom corner as the point, draw your heart shape onto your card. Remember to leave part of the fold line intact so you end up with one little heart shaped card rather than two card hearts!!

Cut out two equal strips of green paper and cut a zig zag shape into one side of each. Glue a strip on either side at the center of the heart and trim any excess as you can see above. Then cut out A small stem shape and glue it in the middle of the heart.

Cut out several small circles for the seeds (we used a hole punch to make our little circles!) and glue them all over the strawberry heart.

chocolate strawberry valentines card craft for kids

Finally take a brown piece of paper and cut out the shape of your chocolate dip, glue it onto your card and your card is finished!
Tip: use the corner of your brown paper as the point of your chocolate so that it fits your card perfectly.

chocolate strawberry valentines card craft for kids

All that’s left to do is add your special message to the inside and your card is ready to gift!!

Paper plate Christmas pudding

Paper plate Christmas pudding

With my children being 4 and 1 the difference in their crafting abilities is pretty wide. For example my eldest has mastered using scissors now but the idea of my little girl anywhere near a pair of scissors makes me very, very nervous! Though as they have got older and started to really play together they always want to make the same things as the other. With that in mind we usually leave the more difficult crafts for when my girl is napping and keep the simpler ones to do together so that no one is left out.

This cute little paper plate Christmas pudding craft was just perfect to do together! My son was able to make his independently whilst I sat nearby and my daughter was able to use it as a fun Painting and sticking craft with me doing the cutting out for her and don’t they just look adorable?!

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plates
  • Light and dark brown paints
  • Green paper
  • Red pom poms
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our paper plate Christmas pudding

Start by colouring In your Christmas pudding! Coat the paper plate in brown paint and then  help little one to make light brown splodges by either using a brush or fingerprinting.

Take the second paper plate and near the halfway line cut out the wavy shape of the icing. Glue the icing plate down matched up with the edge of the pudding plate.

Cut out two green holly leaves and glue them in place at the top of the icing.

Paper plate Christmas pudding craft for kids

Take some pom poms and glue them down in place at the centre of the leaves to make the holly berries.

Add any extra optional decorations and the adorable paper plate Christmas pudding is finished!

8 Cute button card crafts

8 Cute button card crafts

In our craft cupboard we have this huge jar of buttons which has been overflowing for weeks. So today we made these cute cards to keep in the cupboard in order to empty the jar a little. Now we have 8 cute button card crafts to share with you! They’re so adorable and each one can be used for various different occasions. Which one is your favourite?

1) You are Grape!

8 Cute button card crafts

What we used; Card, buttons, glue and a marker.

How to make it: Take your buttons and glue them down in a triangular shape to make your bunch of grapes. Then use your marker to draw on the stalk before adding your special message.

Perfect for: Birthdays, teacher gifts, mothers day, fathers day, thank you card and valentines day.

2) Cute as a button family.

8 Cute button card crafts

What we used; Card, Buttons, marker and glue.

How to make it: Glue your buttons down on your card at the relevant heights. Then use your marker to draw on the stick people bodies and add details such as hair, clothes or ears. Why not add a cute button sun too? Just stick down a yellow button and draw on the lines with your marker!

Perfect for: mothers day, family birthdays and fathers day.

3) Cute pizza pizza card

8 Cute button card crafts

What we used; Card, Buttons, marker and glue.

How to make it: Glue a line of yellow buttons to make your pizza crust. Then add a triangle of red buttons to crust to make your pizza base. Add some small buttons to make the pizza toppings and then use your marker to write on your message.

Perfect for: Fathers day, Mothers day, Birthdays and Valentines day.

4) Super star card

8 Cute button card crafts

Here’s what we used: Card, Buttons, glue and a marker.

How to make it: Glue a large yellow button in the centre of your card. Then add five medium buttons around the large one and then a small one at the end of each. Use your marker to write your special message

Perfect for: Birthdays, thank you card, teacher gift, mothers day and fathers day.

5) Your a real Tweetheart!

Here’s what we used; Card, Buttons, googly eyes, glue and a marker.

How to make it: Draw your lines across your card. Glue a couple of buttons scattered just above each line then use your marker to draw on the legs and beaks. Add a googly eye to each bird and then write a message on the front of your card using your marker.

Perfect for: Valentines day, Birthdays and Mothers day.

6) Sweet and simple button heart

Here’s what we used; Card, red paper, buttons, glue and a marker.

How to make it: cut out a red paper heart and cover it with your buttons. Glue your heart down onto your card and use your marker to add a special message.

Perfect for: Valentines day, mothers day, fathers day and birthdays.

7) Pretty button flowers

Here’s what we used; Card, buttons, a marker and glue.

How to make it: Glue down a button to make the centre of your flower. Then glue 5-6 buttons around this central button to make the petals. To make the lavender; take five equal sized buttons, glue four into a square and then add the fifth in the centre above this square. Use your marker to draw on the stems and leaves and then to write on your special message.

Perfect for: Mothers day, birthday and Valentines day.

8) Sweet cherry card

Here’s what we used; Buttons, glue and a marker.

How to make it: Glue two red buttons a couple of cm apart. Take your marker and draw two joined cherry stalks and a leaf. Repeat this process to create a second pair of cherries and then use your marker to add a personalised message.

Perfect for: Birthdays, Valentines day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, thank you card, Teacher card and Valentines day.

Pipe cleaner apple magnets

Pipe cleaner apple magnets

pipe cleaner apple magnet craft for kids

Please note that this post (Pipe cleaner apple magnets) contains amazon affiliate links, this means that if you make a purchase via the links provided I may make a small commission. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps cover the running costs of this blog.

How sweet are these little pipe cleaner apple magnets? It took us a couple of tries to perfect them but now weve got them figured and wanted to share them with you all! In fact, we’ve got so good at making them that it only takes us a few minutes on each. My son recently Made some sweet apple and worm cards for his teachers as due to current situation he wont be going back to school this year and he wanted to make extra to gift them too. Such a sweet little idea!

Here’s what we used

Pipe cleaners



Black Gems (optional)

Self adhesive magnets

How we made our pipe cleaner apple magnets

Take two coloured pipecleaner and twist them together at one end. For the red apple we used two red pipe cleaners and for the half apple we used one red and one white.

Take one of your loose ends and begin winding it up on itself into a circular shape.

Roll your pipe cleaner all the way into a circle and then twist your loose end around the outer ring of your apple.

Take your brown piper cleaner and thread it through underneath the two outer rings. Fold it In half above your apple and then twist the two pieces together tightly so that it is secure on your apple.

Now roll one end of your green pipe cleaner to create a small circle. Then, take your loose end. Wrap it around the outer ring of your leaf and pull it outwards. Pinch your circle into a leaf.

pipe cleaner apple magnet craft for kids

Use this loose end to twist your leaf onto the stalk of your apple.

pipe cleaner apple magnet craft for kids

Trim off the excess and then finish off by attaching your magnet to the back of your apple. Your cute little magnet is ready to display!

Fingerprint apple tree craft

Fingerprint apple tree craft

Fingerprint apple tree craft for kids

This sweet little fingerprint apple tree craft is the perfect little keepsake. My son is mad about apples, we go through so many you wouldn’t believe it. Fortunately though, we’re lucky enough to live right next to a little orchard, so when the apples are ripe we’re allowed to go in and pick them. It’s absolutely amazing and probably saves us a small fortune, along with getting the little ones out for some much needed fresh air. It was this little orchard which inspired today’s craft, We’re always trying to come up with new ideas that will suit both my 4yo and my 1yo and this one was perfect. My 4yo was able to do the fingerprinting himself whilst I helped his sister.

You will need

  • Green card
  • Coloured paper (optional)
  • Cardboard tube (if you want to use a tp roll you’ll need to make smaller trees, we used a tube from inside a silver foil roll and just cut it to length)
  • Brown and red paint
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make our fingerprint apple tree craft

Take your piece of card and fold it in half. Draw a curve starting in the bottom right corner going up to just past the halfway line of your fold. Your curve should look like a quarter of a circle.

Cut out your shape and fold it in half at the point trim any excess card so that your curve is even all the way around.

Fingerprint apple tree craft for kids

Open your shape back up to reveal four sections and it’s time for the fun part! Cover the tree in little ones fingerprints (you only need to paint 3 sections as when folded one of the end pieces won’t be seen). Once your fingerprint apples are dry, you may wish to draw on some stalks and leaves for added effect.

Whilst your tree is drying, take your length of cardboard tube and cover it in brown paint to make the trunk.

Once your tree is completely dry, cover one of the end sections in glue. Fold your tree at your fold lines, pull the glued side around and stick it down on the inside of your other end section to give you a triangular pyramid shape.

Fingerprint apple tree craft for kids

Cut out and decorate a topper for your tree. My son made an apple for his tree and my little girl’s has a cute heart on top!

Fingerprint apple tree craft for kids

Use some glue and pinch your topper on to the top point of your cone. Finish off by balancing your paper tree on top of your cardboard trunk. Aren’t they just the sweetest?! Such a fun way to spend some time with the kids.

Here are some other crafts that you may enjoy

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