Haunted house pop up craft

Haunted house pop up craft

Haunted house pop up craft

I can’t wait for Halloween! Dressing up and going to discos is so much fun for little ones. The idea for this craft randomly came in to my head and I just had to make it straight away! I hadn’t even considered the idea of Halloween cards until I received one from my nephew last year, I thought It was really sweet. The great thing about this Haunted house pop up craft is that it can be used as a card or just as a fun make. Either way, they look great when they’re done!

You will need

1 x Black card
1 x White card
Black marker
1 x Orange paper

Glue stick

2 x Googly eyes
1 x White paper
(optional – if you want to write a message)

Take your black piece of card and lay it out landscape. Fold the left and right edges inwards to the centre of your card.

Take your two top corners and fold them to the centre line of your card to form a triangle. Open the folds back up and cut along the lines to create the triangle point of the roof.

Next take your orange paper. Place the bottom corners of you roof inline with the edge of your orange paper. Draw around your roof and then cut your shape out with scissors. You will then need to Cut directly down from the centre point of your orange triangle so that you have two equal sized triangles. Using glue stick your triangles on either side of your card.

To make the windows you will need two squares and two rectangles. For the door you will need to cut out an arch shape and then cut it in half. Position your shapes then stick them down. Don’t worry if they are wonky, it just adds to the spooky effect!

Next you need to finish decorating the front of your card. Using a black marker, we filled in the windows, added a couple of bats, a spider and the words; knock knock! we also glued two googly eyes on one of the windows to make it look like somebody was peeking out!

Now you will need to make the spring for your ghost, To do this you will need two strips of paper. Ours were roughly 20cm long. Place the two strips in an L shape and then fold each strip in turn back over the other one. Once you’ve finished your spring, glue down the ends so It doesn’t unfurl.

From your white card you will need to cut out the shape of your ghost. Once you have cut him out, draw on his face. We also added the word Boo!

Take your spring. Glue one end inside your card directly in the centre, glue the other end to the back of your ghost.

If you wish to write a message inside, cut out a rectangular shape from white paper. Glue it down on one side of your card and you can now make your message visible!

Your Haunted house pop up craft is finished! How great does it look!?
I’d love to see how yours turned out, You can share them with me on Facebook and Twitter!

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