Halloween paper ghosts

Halloween paper ghosts

Halloween is right around the corner and if like me you’re getting behind on making or buying Halloween decorations, these Halloween paper ghosts are the perfect solution! They’re really simple to make, they don’t take a huge amount of time and they only require basic resources. Me and my son had loads of fun making them and can’t wait to stick them in the windows for the trick or treaters to see!

You will need

2 sheets of white A4 paper
Black marker or Black paper
Glue stick

To make the body of your ghost; take your two pieces of white paper and glue them together in the portrait position.

Use your scissors to Round off the top corners of your paper, This will make the head shape of your ghost. Then, take your scissors and cut strips into the bottom of your ghost that stretch just up past the join in your pieces of paper.

Using either your marker or your black paper, give your ghost two round eyes and a mouth.

Now, take your first strip and begin folding it using accordion folds (like a fan) by following a pattern of folding one way and then back the other. Repeat this step with the rest of your strips.

If you want to add hands to your ghosts, simply cut out two mitten shapes and glue them either side.

Your Halloween paper ghosts are finished! how great do these look?! I’d love to see how yours turned out, did you know you can now find me on Facebook too?

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TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom

I know, ANOTHER Halloween craft! I just can’t stop this week. Halloween might be a couple of months away but I just love the crafts. They’re so much fun to make. Besides, when Halloween does eventually arrive we’ll have plenty of crafts to dot around the house! This TP roll witch on a broom is probably my favourite one so far. I really enjoyed making these, let alone my 3yo. I think we’re going to have a whole army of witches by the time Halloween does arrive, they’ll look great hanging from the ceiling!

You will need:

A TP roll
1 sheet of black card
Black, gold, green and brown paper
2 google eyes
1 pom pom
A black marker
Glue gun

First you will need to cover your TP roll in black paper. Measure the height of your tp roll on your paper and cut out enough width to cover the roll. Roll the paper around your TP roll and secure with a glue gun.

Now to start making your witches hat. Cut out the shape as shown above from your black card. It should look like a 1/4 of a circle.

Roll your shape into the cone shape of a witches hat. Then make equal length snips all around the bottom of the hat to make tabs.

To make the brim of the hat, cut out a small circle from your card. Fold the tabs on the cone shape inwards, then use the glue to stick it onto the centre of your circle.

Next you will need to take your green paper and cut out the shape for your witches face.
To make your witches’ hair, cut out small strips of paper and roll one end. You will probably find it easier to position the hair if each piece is a different length.

To make the buckle on the witches’ hat, simple cut out a strip of gold paper. Then, cut out a gold square and a slightly smaller black square. Secure the pieces together using glue. Wrap your buckle around the hat and secure it with more glue.

Take all the pieces you have made and glue them into place on your TP roll. Give your witch a face by adding googly eyes and a pom pom nose. Use a black marker to add a mouth and some eyebrows!

To give your witch a broomstick you will need to give her some legs. Make two snips in the front of your TP roll. Bend the centre piece upwards and secure it with glue. Repeat this step on the back but make the snips a bit shorter so that the broom is angled slightly.

All that you need to do now is make your broomstick! To do this. Roll up a rectangular piece of paper to make a tube, ensure it fits snugly inside the TP roll legs, then secure it with glue. Snip all around one end of your tube to create the broom bristles. Bend the bristles in different directions then glue the broomstick inside the TP roll legs. If your broom is too long, simply snip a piece off the front!

And that’s it your Spooktacular TP Roll witch on a broom is finished! doesn’t she look cute?!

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Halloween Handprint spider

Halloween Handprint spider

Halloween handprint spider

My 3yo loves anything that involves hand printing, so this is the perfect Halloween craft for us. Our Halloween handprint spider looks really sweet and is simple and easy, making it the perfect craft for both individuals and groups such as preschools and toddler groups.

You will need

1 x Orange paper
White paint
Black paint
2 x Googly eyes
1 small piece of pink paper

First you need to create the base of your spiderweb. To do this take your white paint and paint a star shape using four lines that meet at the middle.

Next you need to fill in your spider webs. Start near the tips of your web lines. Draw a inwards arched line from each line to the next until you meet back where you started. Leave a small gap and repeat this step slightly closer to the centre. You may wish to add a third but your spider will likely cover this one as ours did.

To make your spider you will need to print the palm and four fingers of your little persons hand but not the thumb. Spiders only have 8 legs!

Print two handprints so that they overlap. Ensure little ones fingers are pointing in the direction that you wish the spider’s legs to go!

Add some Googly eyes and a pink mouth.

Your Halloween handprint spider is finished!
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