Halloween Handprint spider

Halloween Handprint spider

Halloween handprint spider

My 3yo loves anything that involves hand printing, so this is the perfect Halloween craft for us. Our Halloween handprint spider looks really sweet and is simple and easy, making it the perfect craft for both individuals and groups such as preschools and toddler groups.

You will need

1 x Orange paper
White paint
Black paint
2 x Googly eyes
1 small piece of pink paper

First you need to create the base of your spiderweb. To do this take your white paint and paint a star shape using four lines that meet at the middle.

Next you need to fill in your spider webs. Start near the tips of your web lines. Draw a inwards arched line from each line to the next until you meet back where you started. Leave a small gap and repeat this step slightly closer to the centre. You may wish to add a third but your spider will likely cover this one as ours did.

To make your spider you will need to print the palm and four fingers of your little persons hand but not the thumb. Spiders only have 8 legs!

Print two handprints so that they overlap. Ensure little ones fingers are pointing in the direction that you wish the spider’s legs to go!

Add some Googly eyes and a pink mouth.

Your Halloween handprint spider is finished!
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