Paper plate baubles

Paper plate baubles

We’re finally on the last school term of the year here in the uk and that means one thing; Christmas is right around the corner and I’m not sure who is more excited, me or the kids! For our first Christmas craft this year we’ve been busy making one our favourites, these jazzy paper plate baubles. We love using these as part of our window displays, they’re easy to mass produce and each one turns out unique which means these are great to make and display for groups such as schools as well as at home!

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plates
  • Tissue paper
  • Red card
  • Tinsel chenille stem
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glue gun / sticky tape

How to make our paper plate baubles

Start by decorating your paper plate to make the bauble. We glued several different coloured squares of tissue paper onto ours as they will be hanging in the window and tissue paper looks great in the light but you could almost anything. Some popular options include paints, pens and stickers.

Take your coloured card and cut out a trapezium type shape to make the top of the bauble and glue it in place on one side of the plate.

Take a length of pipe cleaner and twist it into a loop to make the ‘string’ for the bauble. Use a glue gun or tape to secure the loop to the back of the trapezium shape as above and once dry your baubles are ready to display!

We love to see your crafty creations, did you know that you can now share them with us on Facebook and instagram? You can find links to our social media’s down below!

Wrapping Paper christmas card

Wrapping Paper christmas card

I love sitting down with a festive movie and wrapping up the Christmas presents, Unfortunately I’m not very good at it. I always end up with random pieces left over here and there and no idea what to do with them. It makes me think of my late great gran who every year used to meticulously open her presents so she didn’t damage the Paper. She’d then iron it out and pop it in the cupboard to reuse the next year, waste not want not! Which is exactly what led us to making this super cute wrapping paper Christmas card design.

Here’s what we used

  • Card
  • Wrapping paper offcuts
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make this wrapping paper Christmas card

First start by making the shape of the card you want to make, for this one we folded an A5 peice of card and trimmed it into a square.

Take the wrapping paper and cut out the shape of the present, we chose a square to match the card. Glue it down on the front of your Christmas card.

Take two lengths of ribbon and cut one to the length of the wrapping paper and one to width of the wrapping paper. Glue the strips down centrally across the presents to make a plus sign.

Take another length of ribbon and tie it into a bow. I will be uploading some videos on how to tie bows but for now there are some excellent videos on YouTube if you need some help. Glue the bow in place at the top of the present, then add a special message if desired and the card is finished! Aren’t these cute? Such a fun way to use up old wrapping paper.

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10 Fingerprint Christmas gift tags

10 Fingerprint Christmas gift tags

With lockdown #2 well under way we’ve been busy trying to find plenty of activities to keep the little ones entertained and with the festive season right around the corner we’ve started to focus on some fun Christmas activities. Seeing as we have so much extra time on our hands right now we’re making as many gifts and decorations from scratch as possible. Both because it’s a fun way to spend our time and because handmade is just cuter! We had loads of fun coming up with different designs for these cute fingerprint Christmas gift tags and can’t wait to attach them to some pressies for loved ones!

You can download our free gift tag templates here:

10 fingerprint Christmas gift tag ideas

fingerprint christmas gift tags craft for kids with free gift tag template

1) Fingerprint snowman

This cute little snowman is super simple to make! Print little ones fingers in a row of three and then use markers to add on the details.

fingerprint christmas gift tags craft for kids with free gift tag template

2) Easy thumbprint snowflake

To make this adorable little snowflake, simply spot a large thumbprint in the centre of your tag and use a marker to add on the arms.

fingerprint christmas gift tags craft for kids with free gift tag template

3) Thumprint reindeer

This cute little thumbprint Rudolph is probably my favorite of the bunch! Once my little one had placed his thumbprint we drew on the two antlers and then glued on two googly eyes and a pom pom nose.

4) Fingerprint Christmas tree

This little Christmas tree is made up of a triangle of green fingerprints, a yellow fingerprint star and a brown fingerprint stump.

fingerprint christmas gift tags craft for kids with free gift tag template

5) Fingerprint candy cane

Sweet and simple, this cute little candy cane is made up of alternating red and white fingerprints.

6) Fingerprint holly wreath

For this holly wreath tag, simply print little ones fingers around in a circle and then print on a little fingerprint bow.

7) Fingerprint Christmas present

Print four fingerprints in a square and then once dry, use your markers to draw on the ribbon and bow.

fingerprint christmas gift tags craft for kids with free gift tag template

8) Fingerprint Christmas tree decorations

This Christmas tree tag is super sweet and easy! Simply spot colourful dots all over to make the decorations.

fingerprint christmas gift tags craft for kids with free gift tag template

9) Thumbprint reindeer

Here’s another cute little Rudolph tag idea! Print a thumbprint as the body and a fingerprint as a head. Add two marker antlers, some legs and a tail then glue on two googly eyes and a pom pom nose.

10) Fingerprinted Christmas tree

This simple little tag is one that my toddler made, she used green fingerprints to color in the little Christmas tree. Easy, simple and so much fun!