Paper snowman craft

Paper snowman craft

This cute and easy paper snowman craft is super simple to make and is an adorable winter or Christmas keepsake that can be kept for years to come! all you need are a few basic materials and our simple to follow guide to keep the kids entertained with this fun little craft on these cold winter days

Here’s what we used

  • Clean cardboard tp rolls (x2 or 3)
  • Paper (white, brown, black and orange)
  • Ribbon
  • Thick cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue/double sided tape

How to make our cute paper snowman craft

Start by taking your tp roll tubes and cutting them down to three different lengths. A small one for the head, a medium one for the centre of the body and a large one for the base of the body.

Next take one of your tp roll sections and cut out a strip of white paper the same height as the tube and wide enough to wrap around it. Add double sided tape to the edges of the paper and then secure it around the tube.

Repeat the previous step with the remaining two tp sections until your snowman is completely white. Use your double sided tape to attach the three tubes together as above.

Cut out two stick arms and glue them in place inside the middle tube.

Next cut out and glue on your facial features and some buttons. We cut ours from coloured paper and then used our acrylic paint markers to add the details.

Add any other additional decoration such as our foam hat or ribbon scarf. Then finish off your snowman by cutting out a circular shape from your thick card and sticking it to the bottom of the snowman to help it stand. Aren’t they just the sweetest?

We love to see how your crafts turn out. Did you know you can share them with us on Facebook and instagram?

Penguin heart cards

Penguin heart cards

These simple penguin heart cards are just adorable! Each card only uses a small amount of resources which makes them the perfect craft for groups as well as to make at home to gift to family and friends.

Here’s what we used

  • Black card
  • White/yellow paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our penguin heart cards

Start by taking your black piece of card and folding it in half. Cut the card down into into a circular shape ensuring that part of the fold of the card is left intact. Cut across the bottom of the card to create a flat edge so that it can stand freely.

Cut out a heart shape to make the penguin’s white belly and glue it down in place towards the bottom of the penguins body.

Cut out a diamond shape from your yellow paper and fold it in half to make the penguin’s beak. Glue the beak in place just above the belly.

Finally add two Googly eyes to complete your card and once it’s fully dry you’re ready to add your special festive message inside!

Paper plate melted snowman

Paper plate melted snowman

Winter is well on it’s way and the weather is certainly getting colder. The last couple of nights I’ve found myself waking up to put the heating on and wearing a pair of socks to bed! Some parts of the UK have even seen snow over the last few days. I do love snow, it looks beautiful and it’s so much fun to play in, we love snowball fights, building snowmen and tobogganing – there are some great hills around here. However, we live in a small village in the middle of nowhere so its not the most practical! My son is desperate for a white Christmas and with the weather being like it is at the moment it definitely seems like it could be possible. Maybe it’s time for us to stock up the food cupboards in case we get snowed in! All this talk about snow is what what inspired today’s craft, this wobbly paper plate melted snowman. Isn’t he fun?

Here’s what we used

How to make our wobbly paper plate snowman craft

To give the snowman that melted look, take a pair of scissors and trim around the edge of the paper plate to create a wavy pattern.

Cut out a circle for the snowman’s face (we cut ours from a second plate), then make a spring so that it can be attached.  To make the spring all you need to do is cut out two equal strips of paper and glue them at a right angle. Take turns folding one strip over the other and once you reach the end glue the two loose ends together.

Give the snowman a face by gluing on two round eyes, a mouth and a carrot shaped nose.

Glue one end of the spring to the center of the paper plate and then the snowman head to the remaining end. Cut out two twiggy arms and glue one either side of the snowman’s head.

Finish off the adorable plate snowman by adding any extra melted decorations; we added a top hat, some buttons and some mittens. Leave to dry and your snowman is finished!

Shape snowman craft

Shape snowman craft

This cute little shape snowman is another one that we came up with to suit both of my little ones. my son really enjoyed using the scissors to cut out his shapes and my little girl loved gluing down the shapes that i had cut out for her to build her snowman! As an added bonus my daughter was even able to identify circles after making hers – it was a very proud mummy moment! It’s scary how time flies, i remember when crafting was just her using her hands to spread paint everywhere (including the walls!) Now she joins in with ‘big kid’ crafts and is starting to recognize shapes! it’s just crazy how fast that time has passed. If you enjoy these shape crafts let us know and we’ll share some more ideas

Here’s what we used

  • Coloured backing card
  • Coloured paper
  • Sicissors
  • Glue

How to make a shape snowman craft

You’ll want to start by cutting out the shapes for your snowman. We used circles for; the body, head, eyes, mouth and buttons and then rectangles for; the arms, fingers, hat and scarf and then a triangle for the nose.

Start by gluing down the main body circles of the snowman. Glue on the arms and fingers either side of the body.

Add the rectangles for the hat and scarf…

Then finish off by adding some circles for the eyes, mouth and buttons. Then finish by sticking down the triangle nose! Why not decorate the snowman some more by adding some round snowflakes or maybe some square presents?! Our snowmen are called Jingle and Ben, what did your little one name theirs?

CD penguin craft

CD penguin craft

Cd penguin winter craft idea for kids

This sweet and easy little CD penguin craft is so simple to make and a great way to recycle old cds or dvds. We’ve got ours hung up in the window so that it reflects the light and It looks so cute as it twirls around. My little boy really loves making any kind of animal crafts, he’s always been fascinated with creatures big and small. He loves his little penguin and wants to make a whole bunch of CD animals for his window and as we make them we will share them with you too!

Heres what we used

  • An old CD
  • Funky foam
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Hole punch
  • String

How to make our CD penguin

Take your foam and cut out a circle shape for the head and two oval wings. Glue the shapes down in position on your CD and then leave to dry slightly.

Cut out two round eyes, a triangle beak and two little flippers. Stick the eyes and beak down on the head piece and the flippers on the bottom of the CD then leave to dry completely.

CD penguin craft idea for kids

If you want to use your penguin as a hanging decoration (they look fab spinning around and reflecting the light!) Simply punch a hole at the top and tie a loop of string through.