Cupcake liner flower craft

Cupcake liner flower craft

Todays craft is another sweet and easy one. This little cupcake liner flower craft is perfect to make for both gifting and for displaying at home. My 4yo found these simple enough to make on his own and didnt want any help at all made! He actually made me a whole little flower garden to decorate an empty space on these shelf. We really like these little flowers and think that they would be fab as a handmade gift for mothers day, birthdays, valentines day or just as a fun summery craft!

Heres what we used

  • Large cupcake liners
  • Medium cupcake liners
  • Green paper straws
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our cupcake liner flower craft.

Take your cupcake liner and fold it in half three times to give you a small triangular shape.

Now take your scissors and round off the wide side of your cupcake liner so that it looks like a petal.

Cupcake liner flower craft for kids

Open up your cupcake liner to reveal your beautiful flower. Then take your smaller sized liner and glue it down in the centre of your flower as you can see above.

Cupcake liner flower craft for kids

Take your straw and glue it centrally on the back of your flower. You may have to hold it for a few seconds until it bonds together. Finish your flower by cutting out a triangular cupcake liner leaf and gluing it around your straw. Your cute cupcake liner flower craft is finished! Why not make a whole bouquet to keep or gift?

Leafy hedgehog collage

Leafy hedgehog collage

My son is always collecting leaves, I’m not quite sure why, its just something he’s always done. Usually we make cute little nature pictures from them but sadly once off the tree, leaves don’t last very long! This time we decided to use our leaves to make a picture we could keep. We’ve made a leafy hedgehog collage a few times and we thought this time why not use wax rubbings of our leaves so that we can keep him and hang him on the wall!

You will need

background paper
white paper
Wax crayons
Brown paper
Black marker
Googly eye or marker
scissors & glue

Its best to start your hedgehog by making his face, this gives the glue time to dry before you add your leaves. To make the face all you need to do is cut out a brown triangle and stick it down on one side of your paper. Then, give your hedgehog an eye and a nose!
(you could always cut out a fancier shaped head – Triangles are just easy for my little guy to cut out!)

Now to make your wax rubbings! To do so, simply place your leaf face up under your piece of white paper. Lay your wax crayon on its side and rub it over your paper where your leaf is. Depending on how hard your crayon is you may need to add a little pressure. We used around 12 leaf rubbings per hedgehog but it will depend on the size of your leaves!

Now you need to cut out your lead rubbings! Young children may find it easier if you draw them a guide line to follow around each leaf.

Finally, glue your leaf rubbings down to create your hedgehogs spiky body. How Cute does he look!?

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