Rockin’ paper sharks

Rockin’ paper sharks

These rockin’ paper sharks are fun, easy and fast to craft and look great as part of any under the sea display or in an ocean themed room!

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Coloured card (blues, greys, white)
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sticker eyes (optional)
  • Something circular to draw around (optional)

How to make these cute rocking sharks

Start by drawing around the outside of your circular object and then cutting out your circle piece of paper and folding it in half.

Next take your white paper and cut out a shape with a straight side and then a curved edge. Glue it into position as the shark’s mouth and then trim off any excess. use a black marker to draw on some sharp pointy teeth and then colour in the space between the teeth.

Next take your coloured paper and cut out a long shark’s tail, a side fin and a large dorsal fin. glue the tail in place inside the folded circle, the dorsal fin on the top rear side of the circle and the fin on the front.

Finish off your rockin’ paper sharks by adding a fun Googly eye to each one. We just love these!

Paper stingray craft

Paper stingray craft

This cute paper stingray craft was perfect for my ocean obsessed son, making them is a great way to kill an hour and then they provide many more hours of fun as a cute handmade toy. The best part is these little stingrays are so simple to make and only requires cheap basic materials too!

Here’s what we used

  • Coloured card
  • Clean Toilet roll tube
  • Sticker eyes
  • Red marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make this paper stingray craft

Take your stingray coloured paper and cut out a circular shape with a slightly narrower curve on one side to make the nose.

Add some double sided tape to the top part of the toilet roll and stick the paper onto the toilet roll so that the roll is beneath the nose and stretching down the body

Cut out a long thin point to make the stingrays tail and then stick it in place on the underside of the stingray’s body.

Add two eyes and a cute smiley mouth to the nose of your stingray.

And then finally add any optional decorations; we cut out several spots and glued them onto ours! Once totally dry the stingrays are finished and are ready to be played with or displayed!

Toilet roll humpback whale

Toilet roll humpback whale

toilet roll humpback whale ocean craft

We’re carrying on the whale theme today with this adorable toilet roll humpback whale craft! These little under the sea themed cuties were so much fun to make and my little boy as a huge lover of all things do with the ocean is just besotted with them!

They’re really simple and easy to make so why not give them a go with your little ones! We’d love to see how they turn out – did you know you know we now have a Facebook page? You can share them there!

Here’s what we used

  • Toilet roll
  • Blue, pink and white paint
  • coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Googly eye
  • Glue

How to make a toilet roll humpback whale

Take the toilet roll and paint the inside of one end pink. On the outside of the roll paint one half blue/grey and the other half white before popping aside to dry.

Cut out a whale’s tail shape and glue it in position on the inside of the paper roll (at the opposite end to the pink section) Next cut out two leaf shape flippers and fold a small tab at the end of each one which you can then use to glue them on either side of the tp roll body.

Once the paper roll is dry, take the black marker/crayon and draw several lines along the white section of the body to create the whale’s throat pleats.

toilet roll humpback whale craft

Glue a googly eye on either side of the whale and optionally you could always add a little dorsal fin using the same method as with the fins. Once totally dry and secure the toilet roll humpback whale is finished and ready to play with or display!

Paper plate orca whale

Paper plate orca whale

Finished paper plate orca whale. under the sea craft for kids

If you have been following our blog, you will know that my little boy just LOVES all things under the sea. He’s always teaching me new things that he has learned from his books and from watching the documentaries on Disney +. Whales in particular are his all time favourite creatures. So, for the last few days we’ve been super busy making some fun whale craft ideas to share with you! We started off with this adorable paper plate orca whale and we just love him – he looks so sweet (though my son assures me real killer whales are not so sweet!). This simple little craft is easy to make and bound to be a hit with any young ocean enthusiasts!

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plate
  • Black card
  • Black paint and brush
  • White, black, blue and pink paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a paper plate orca whale

Take the paper plate and cover the top 3/4 in black paint before popping aside to dry.
(for younger children it may be easier to just paint the whole plate black and then cut out and glue on a small section of another plain white plate as we did with my youngest)

Cut out the leaf shape of the whale’s flippers and dorsal fins then glue them down in position on the back of the paper plate.

Glue on two inwards facing white arches on either side of the paper plate near where the eyes will be.

Finished paper plate orca whale. under the sea craft for kids

Cut out two large ovals for the outer eyes, two slightly smaller black circles for the pupils and two small white circles for the light spots. Glue the pieces together and then onto the paper plate. Cut out and stick down a semi circle mouth and then once dry the paper plate orca is finished!

Paper plate Rainbow fish

Paper plate Rainbow fish

paper plate rainbow fish craft for kids

How fun are these paper plate rainbow fish? We had so much fun making these to add my kid’s animal wall! Both my children love watching ocean documentaries and learning about the various creatures big and small that live under the sea. Whales are usually the favourite but recently my son’s grandfather was given an old 3D tv and my little guy loves to watch the different coloured fish swimming around in front of him. So inspired by that we decided to create our own Rainbow coloured fish and we just love them!

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plates
  • Tissue Paper
  • Coloured paint and paintbrush
  • Wiggly eye
  • Pink paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a paper plate rainbow fish

For each fish you will need one and a half paper plates. Coat these plates in the chosen colour paint and pop aside to dry.

Once dry take your half paper plate and cut in in half to create two triangles. Glue one triangle onto the back of the paper plate to make the tail. Then, take the other triangle and cut it in half downwards from the point to give you two smaller triangles. Glue one of these triangles on an angle at the top of the paper plate and one at the bottom to make the fins.

Paper plate rainbow fish craft for kids

Cut out several tissue paper circles to make the scales and glue them over the back 2/3rds of the fish’s body

Paper Plate rainbow fish

Add a Wiggly eye and a cute heart shaped mouth and once dry the paper plate rainbow fish is finished!

Paper plate Rainbow fish Craft for kids pin