Halloween paper ghosts

Halloween paper ghosts

Halloween is right around the corner and if like me you’re getting behind on making or buying Halloween decorations, these Halloween paper ghosts are the perfect solution! They’re really simple to make, they don’t take a huge amount of time and they only require basic resources. Me and my son had loads of fun making them and can’t wait to stick them in the windows for the trick or treaters to see!

You will need

2 sheets of white A4 paper
Black marker or Black paper
Glue stick

To make the body of your ghost; take your two pieces of white paper and glue them together in the portrait position.

Use your scissors to Round off the top corners of your paper, This will make the head shape of your ghost. Then, take your scissors and cut strips into the bottom of your ghost that stretch just up past the join in your pieces of paper.

Using either your marker or your black paper, give your ghost two round eyes and a mouth.

Now, take your first strip and begin folding it using accordion folds (like a fan) by following a pattern of folding one way and then back the other. Repeat this step with the rest of your strips.

If you want to add hands to your ghosts, simply cut out two mitten shapes and glue them either side.

Your Halloween paper ghosts are finished! how great do these look?! I’d love to see how yours turned out, did you know you can now find me on Facebook too?

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