3D dinosaur paper plate craft

3D dinosaur paper plate craft

3D dinosaur paper plate craft

My 3yo is crazy about dinosaurs. He knows many of their names and several facts about each species. so naturally we love making dinosaur crafts. I came up with the idea for this 3d dinosaur paper plate craft whilst playing around with some party plates and i’m pretty pleased with how he turned out! My son played with it for two days straight. We’ve since cut out the card where the pupils are and he now uses it as a mask!

What we used

2 Paper plates
Green paint
Brown felt tip or Brown paint
White card
Green card
Black card or a black Felt tip

Take your first paper plate and cut out the main shape of your dinosaur face. The two bumps at the top will form part of the dinosaur’s eyes!

Fold your second paper plate in half and measure it against your dinosaurs face, the folded plate will be the dinosaurs mouth so you want the folded plate place around midway on the face. Trim this folded plate to fit but do not glue it down yet.

You can now see the basic shape of your dinosaur! Paint the front of the dinosaurs face in your chosen colour (we chose green!) but do not paint inside the dino’s mouth. Leave your two parts to dry.

once dry, take the mouth piece of your dino, open it up and draw around it on some pink paper. Take your scissors and cut out your mouth shape. Use some glue or a glue gun to stick it inside the paper plate mouth. Glue your mouth piece to your dinosaurs face at the midway point where you measured it before.

Next you need to take your white card and cut out some teeth. Cut them slightly longer than you want the teeth to be, that way you can fold a small tab at the top of each tooth to stick it down. Stick your teeth all around the inside of your dinosaurs upper mouth only.

This is how your dino should be looking so far. As you can see our top teeth were huge so we cut them down a little before continuing to the next step.

Next, cut out some more teeth. This time glue them flat around the bottom half of the mouth. You could also use some pink card and cut out a tongue as we have.

Now its time to make your dinosaur face (if you don’t have black card you could use a black felt tip to make the pupils)! First thing you need to do is cut out the shapes for the dinosaur eyes. You could make your own shapes or copy ours from the picture above.

Glue down the eyes. Take either a brown pen or brown paint and use it to create the ridges around the eyes.

All that’s left to do is to create the snout! To create the nostrils cut out two semi circles, as with the teeth cut a little bigger than necessary so that you can fold tabs to attach them. Use a brown pen or paint to Create the inside of the nostrils and then glue your nostrils in place on the top of the mouth flap!

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