Paper Chain Octopus

Paper Chain Octopus

this little creation is super cute as a stand alone piece or looks great on any sea themed display board. My little guy is obsessed with all things ocean and loves making these!

You will need
1 piece of coloured card
4/5 sheets of coloured paper
1 sheet of white paper
black and pink markers or paints
Double sided sticky tape


take your piece of card and cut out the shape for your octopus’ headIMG_0185 (2).JPG

Fold your pieces of paper down the middle lengthways and then open up and cut straight down that middle lineIMG_0186

Cut your pieces of paper into strips. I recommend that you cut one piece at a time so you don’t end up cutting too many!

Take 8 strips, Attach one end of each strip to the front of the octopus’ head using double sided taper or glue and then turn the octopus over and stick the other end of the strips to the back of the octopusIMG_0192

Begin Paper chaining from your end loop by pacing a strip through the centre of the loop and then securing it around the previous one with tape or glueIMG_0195 (2).JPG

Repeat step 5 with each loop until your octopus’ tentacles are complete
IMG_0198 (2).JPG

 take your white paper and cut out two oval shapes for the eyes and stick them to
your octopusIMG_0200

Paint or draw on your octopus’ pupils and mouth
IMG_0202 (2).JPG