Paper heart garlands

Paper heart garlands

These adorable paper heart garlands are so sweet and simple and are perfect for children to make and gift on special occasions – they also make great budget friendly party decor too!

Here’s what we used

  • Coloured paper/card
  • Scissors/paper cutter
  • Glue
  • String
  • Hole punch

How to make a paper heart garland.

Start by cutting out the paper strips that you will use for your heart. We used four for each side. Cut out the strips for one side first, each strip should be the same width but you’ll need to cut each strip to a different length as you can see above. For out largest strip we used the length of a piece of a4 paper and then we cut each one down by a couple cms each time. Once you have your four strips cut out four identical ones to make the other side of the heart.

Take the smallest strip and add a dab of glue to one end pull the other end round into a tear shape and pinch the two ends together until stuck.

Next take the second shortest strip and again add glue to one end. Attach it to the point of your first tear drop shape and then take the other end and glue it down onto the other side of the tear drop to create a second layer.

Repeat this process with the remaining strips you have for this side

Repeat the previous steps to create a second tear drop shape.

To hang your hearts as part of a garland or as an individual decoration; Cut out a small rectangle strip the same width as the strips you used to make your heart and punch a hole at one end.

Glue the two sides of the heart together with the hanging strip to dry. Repeat this process to make as many hearts as you need, once dry use the hole punched part of the strips to thread the strings through and create your paper heart garland!

Q-tip painted fireworks.

Q-tip painted fireworks.

For us in the UK, today is bonfire night (or Guy fawkes day depending on what you call it!). Fireworks have been going off everywhere and were expecting to see some pretty big displays on around our house tonight! We love watching the fireworks, They’re so beautiful and colourful and From the safety of our house my son doesn’t worry about the bangs! To celebrate the occasion we thought we would make some Q-tip painted fireworks. How cool do all those bright colours look?!

You will need:

A few coloured paints
some Q-tips
Black card

To make your fireworks, all you have to do is dip your Q-tips into your paint and then on to your black paper! Alternating colours gives them a great effect!

You can paint your fireworks in all different shapes, We mostly used star, circle and spiral shapes. Young children will find it easier to dot the colours randomly, which looks great too! If you are painting with young children this is a great opportunity to practise learning colours!

To finish your Q-tip painted fireworks ; just dip your Q-tip into some white paint and lightly streak some rocket trails below each shape!

Your Super simple Q-tip Fireworks are finished, such a fun and easy craft!

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bonfire night scrap paper Fireworks.

bonfire night scrap paper Fireworks.

Remember, remember the 5th November! Guy Fawkes night is right around the corner and we’ve already been seeing fireworks all around. My son loves to watch them from our window and the various colours we’ve seen gave inspiration to these bonfire night scrap paper fireworks. Not only do we love how cute these pictures turned out, we also love that our scrap paper box is no longer overflowing! These pictures are so simple to make that they are perfect for pre-schoolers as well as older children too.

I’d love to see how your firework pictures turned out. Grownups, did you know you can now share them with me on Facebook and Twitter?

You will need

Coloured Scrap paper
Black paper

These Pictures are really simple and easy to make. All you need to do is cut your scrap paper into small strips, it doesn’t matter if they are wonky or different lengths, that just adds to the effect!

Take your black paper and simply glue down your strips in circular shapes to create your colourful fireworks. You can even add some orange and yellow strips to the bottom of your paper to create a bonfire!

I hope you all have an amazing time watching the fireworks and remember to stay safe this Guy Fawkes night!

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