Summer Dragonfly craft

Summer Dragonfly craft

This cute summer dragonfly craft is a great activity to keep the kids busy over the summer holidays and it looks adorable too! We used a glue gun to make our little butterflies but it works with pva or tacky glue too; you just need to be a little extra patient!

Here’s what we used

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Tacky glue/glue gun/pva
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors

How to make this cute summer dragonfly craft

Glue several smaller Pom poms across the length of the popsicle stick to make the body and a large one on the end to make the end. if you’re using pva or slow drying tacky glue then you will need to leave it a while to die.

Twist two pipe cleaners together in the middle to make a cross. Twist the centre of the pipe cleaners around the popsicle stick near the head and then bend each wing piece inwards and twist to secure.

Now twist another pipe cleaner around the stick at its centre and curl the ends around to make the antennae.

Glue on two Googly eyes and once dry your adorable popsicle stick dragonfly is ready to play with or display!

Pom pom reindeer ornament

Pom pom reindeer ornament

This super cute pom pom reindeer ornament is so simple to make and looks adorable too! it’s never too early to start Christmas crafting, We’ve had a quiet couple of days at home to try and get over a cold and to keep ourselves busy we’ve been bust trying out our new pom pom makers! i just love how this reindeer turned out and were currently in the process of making each of Santa’s reindeer as part of a cute Christmas display that we have planned. If you and your kids have go at making one we’d love to see how it turned out, did you know we’re now on Facebook? you can share pictures with us there.

Here’s what we used

  • Pom pom maker (optional)
  • Brown yarn
  • Brown pipecleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Red pom pom
  • Tacky glue/glue gun

How to make a pom pom reindeer ornament

Start by making a large brown pom pom. If you haven’t made one before you can find a quick guide here. You don’t need a pom pom maker to make a cute pom pom!

Tie a yarn loop and glue it down into place inside the top of the pom pom

Take a pipecleaner and fold it in half to create the top antler. Twist it secure about 2-4cm from the bend. Pinch a second antler on either side and twist them together at the base to secure. Part the yarn of the pom pom and glue the antlers into place either side of the loop at the top of the head

finished pom pom reindeer craft for kids

Glue on two Googly eyes and a pom pom nose and your pom pom reindeer ornament is finished!

pom pom reindeer craft for kids

2 ways to make perfect pom poms

2 ways to make perfect pom poms

2 ways how to make pom poms.

We use a lot of pom poms in our crafting, they’re just so much fun! We also have a basket of them on the side which the kids use for pretend snowball fights. They’re so versatile and so easy to make too, so I thought I would show your our favorite 2 ways to make perfect pom poms!

Method 1 – using a pom pom maker

Pom pom makers are our go to when we want perfect pom poms. This brand in particular is great especially when crafting with kids. They’re nice and chunky so are easy to grip and the ridges are a helpful guide as to when the pom poms are ready to snip. if you want to spend a little i highly recommend these clover pom pom makers (availabe here for our American friends) – there is a very good reason why they’re so popular!. We find that these are the best way to get perfectly round and fluffy pom poms but if you’re looking for a fast and free way why not check out method 2 – finger pom poms!

Take your yarn and wrap it around one side of the pom pom maker. Continue wrapping it around until its even all the way across. This particular brand of pom pom maker is super handy because you’ll know its ready when the ridges are totally rounded. But otherwise you can just adjust your yarn to your desired thickness – we usually do 3-4 layers when using dk yarn.

Repeat the previous step on the the other side of the pom pom maker.

Place the scissors inside the gap on the edge of the pom pom maker. Slowly snip all the way around both edges making sure you hold the pom pom maker together securely.

How to make pom poms

Take a separate length of yarn, slot it through the edge of the pom pom maker then pull it into a taught knot. Bring the two ends of yarn around to the other side of the pom pom maker and tie it into a double knot to secure.

How to make pom poms

Pull open the two arms of the pom pom maker and separate the two halves. Remove the pom pom, fluff it up, then take the scissors and trim it down removing any stray ends. Your perfect pom pom is finished! These pom pom makers are fab, we love using ours.

Method 2 – making pom poms using fingers.

Wrap the yarn several times around the middle three fingers (you can adjust the amount of fingers you use to alter the sizes).

How to make pom poms at home for free

Once you’re happy with the thickness of your yarn, carefully slip if off of your fingers and onto the table. Take a length of string and tie it around the centre of your entire yarn, flip the pom pom around and tie it on the other side in a double knot to secure.

Pop your scissors into the edge of your pom pom and slowly snip the loops open at their central point. Fluff up your pom pom.

How to make pom poms at home for free

Take your scissors and snip all around your pom pom until you are happy with it. Though the pom poms don’t turn out quite as perfect looking this way they are still super cute, plus its fast and free!

Pom Pom Ladybug pal

Pom Pom Ladybug pal

Pom Pom Ladybug pal

We have hundreds upon hundreds of pom poms in our craft box and we rarely ever get to use them. This is simply because we have a baby in the house who loves to eat everything and anything. Pom poms seem to have a habit of getting everywhere and like all small crafty items prove a choking risk – any parent of a baby knows the process of constantly scouring the floor for any potential edibles! However, the other day she decided have a monstrously long nap. So, my son and i decided to have our own pom pom making party. We had loads of fun and came up with loads of super cute pom pom pals but this pom pom ladybug pal was our firm favourite!

You will need

1 Large red pom pom
1 medium black pom
Several small black pom poms
2 googly eyes

(we used a glue gun as pom poms can be a bit fiddly!)

Take your head piece (the medium black pom pom) and glue it on to the big red pom pom which will make your ladybug’s body.

Cover your Ladybugs red body in the small black pom poms, these will be your ladybug’s spots. To finish her off, glue on two googly eyes! how cute is this little one! we loved them so much we made a couple and a little paper leaf for them to sit on.

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