Paper plate umbrella craft

Paper plate umbrella craft

I just love this adorable paper plate umbrella craft. With all the wet and windy weather that we’ve been having lately this was the perfect craft for us to gather around the Kitchen table and do! My kids had loads of fun making these and it was a great way to burn half an hour too.

Here’s what we used

How to make our rainy paper plate umbrella craft

First we started with the fun part – finger painting! Take a piece of paper and using finger paints design a backdrop, for example my kids made lots of spotty raindrops and some squiggly clouds! Once finished pop your backdrop aside to dry.

Take the paper plate and cut it in half . Cut a wiggly line into the bottom to make the shape of the umbrella. Now it’s time for decorating the umbrellas! My kids used Tissue paper squares with glue but you can use anything you like.

Once the back drop and umbrella are dry take a piece of coloured paper and cut out the shape of the umbrella handle. Glue the handle onto the umbrella and then the umbrella on to the backdrop! Aren’t these just adorable? They’re great as a supporting activity when learning about seasons or weather.