Paper plate mouse

Paper plate mouse

finished paper plate mouse craft for kids

We had so much fun making this adorable paper plate mouse craft! They were easy enough for my little boy to make by himself and my toddler enjoyed making these with a grownup. I love a sweet and simple craft idea that can be adjusted so that both of my children can join in and this little craft was perfect!

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plates
  • Colored paint and paintbrush
  • Pom Pom
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Googly eye
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a paper plate Mouse

Take the paper plate and coat it in the colored paint before putting it aside to dry.

Cut out two equal circles to make the ears, glue one to the front and one slightly further forward on the back. Glue down a Googly eye and a pom pom for the nose.

finished paper plate mouse craft for kids

Cut out three thin strips of paper for the whiskers and glue them down in a triangular shape. Then take the pipe cleaner and twist it around a pencil leaving a small length at one end straight. Use this length to glue the pipe cleaner tail on the inside of the paper plate. once dry your paper plate mouse is finished!

Paper Heart mice

Paper Heart mice

Paper Heart mice

Today has been yet another day of valentines day crafts. We’ve still got so many left to share that im hoping ill get chance to post them all before valentines! We started off today with these paper heart mice and how cute did they turn out? These make a great alternative to traditional valentines as there is space to write your own special message on the back of them!

You will need

Coloured Paper
Googly eyes
Pom Pom

First you will need to make the body of your mouse. To do this cut out a circle from your coloured paper. We find the easiest way to get a perfect circle is to draw round a mug or some tape. Once you have your circle, cut one straight line in to the centre of it as shown above.

Now bring one side over the top of the other to create a round pyramid shape and secure it with tape or glue

Next, cut out a heart for your mouse’s face. Stick it onto the cone by gluing over your join line up to the point as you can see above. You may need to pull the edges of your heart forwards a bit to position the face better.

Cut and stick two small hearts for the ears and give your little mouse two googly eyes

Measure and cut a few equal lengths of yarn. Glue them at the bottom point of your heart to create whiskers and then glue a pom pom on top for the nose.

To finish off your mouse you need to make a cute curly tail! Cut a thin strip of paper. Take one end and roll it up to the other to create a spiral, loosen ot slightly then glue the outer end to the back of your mouse.

Your mouse is finished! How adorable does he look?

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