DIY 5 minute craft: shape stamps

DIY 5 minute craft: shape stamps

5 Minute crafts: Shape stamps


These cute little stamps are super easy to make and are a fun way to help teach your little one shapes and colours!

We had so much fun doing this activity, my 3yo has mastered colours so he just picked out his two favourites, but you could use various colours to best suit your child’s learning.
These stamps are great because they make painting that little bit more exciting, they’re educational and they’re free, most of us have a spare bit of cardboard lying around somewhere!

You could even try stamps of other designs too. I’m going to make some numeral stamps to help teach Ted 1-10 and he’s requested some Dinosaur stamps too!

What you need to make your own

A piece of thick cardboard, a piece of old box will do!
Double sided tape
A pen or pencil


Step 1 Cut out squares for the base of your stamps


Step 2 – Cut out your desired shapes


Step 3 – Use the Double sided sticky tape to attach the shapes to your stamp bases


Step 4 – Paint the shape and then turn and print onto a piece of paper, make sure you press down hard! why don’t you see what you can make with your shape stamps? how about an awesome shape rocket?!