Pom Pom printed sheep

Pom Pom printed sheep

Pom Pom Printed sheep

Has anyone else seen the children’s programme Shaun the sheep? My Grandparents (yes, grandparents!) love it. They discovered it when watching tv with one of their other great grandchildren and every now and then we’ll walk in on them watching it at home too. It has the catchiest theme tune which has been stuck in my head all day. This little Pom pom printed sheep was inspired by Shaun. He looks great and Is really simple to make which makes it the perfect craft for at home and for toddler/preschool groups alike.

You will need

1 Sheet of blue card
Black card
white paper
White paint
Pom Pom

First you will need to cut your sheep’s face and legs from your black card. Position them on your blue card and glue them down. Then take your clothes peg and peg it to your pom pom.

Whilst holding your peg, dip your Pom Pom into the white paint and then dab in on the card to make your sheep’s woolly body.

To make the eyes, cut out two white circles and two slightly smaller black circles then glue them in place. For your sheep’s nostrils, cut out two tiny circles and glue them on the lower part of your sheep’s face.

Tip: If you’re cutting out multiple face shapes for toddler groups; use a hole punch to cut out several circles for the nostrils, it will save you heaps of time and lots of fiddly cutting.

Your Pom Pom printed sheep is finished! what a fun and simple craft. You could even expand on this activity by adding some grass and flowers!

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