Cute paper penguin craft

Cute paper penguin craft

Cute paper penguin craft for kids.

Cute paper Penguin craft

How adorable is this cute paper penguin craft?! My little guy and i loved them so much that we made ourselves a little penguin family! We’ve had so much fun making these little cone crafts and have came up with so many fun designs to share with you all. I’m sharing this one first because they’re my son’s absolute favourite – which is no surprise as he loves animals of all kinds!

You will need

  • Thick construction paper or card (we used orange, white and black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sticker eyes (optional)

To make the body

Take a black piece of A4 paper and fold it in half to make a card shape. Then, take a pencil and draw a gradual curve starting from just above the centre of your fold line to the bottom right corner (you’ll need to make sure the curve isn’t too sharp or it won’t match up when folded).

Cut out your shape.

Fold your shape in half and trim off any excess to make sure both sides are even.

Open up your shape to reveal your 4 sections Cover one of your end sections in glue…

and then pull it round and stick it down on the back of your other end section to create a triangular cone.

To make the belly, head and flippers.

Cute paper penguin craft for kids

Cut out a white arch shape and glue it down centrally on your cone, this will make your penguin’s white belly.

Cute paper penguin craft for kids

Cut out a black circle for the head. Now you’ll need to give your penguin two eyes. We used eye stickers but if you don’t have these you can simply cut out some white circles and draw on the eye details. You’ll also need to stick down a beak, to make it, simply fold a piece of orange paper in half and using the fold line as the base cut out a triangle to give you a folded diamond shape. Glue one triangle half down on the face and leave the other half free as you can see above.

Next cut out two flipper shapes

and curl one end around a pencil.

The final feature that you will need to make is the feet. Make sure you leave enough room at the back of the feet to fold a tab that you can use to glue them on you penguin – just like you can see above!

Now it’s time to glue all your pieces together! Glue the head down at the top point of your cone. Add a flipper to each side and then using your folded tabs, secure the feet on the inside of your cone and fold them outwards. Your adorable penguin is finished!

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Popsicle Stick snowflakes

Popsicle Stick snowflakes

Popsicle stick snowflakes

Christmas is a little while off yet but I really can’t wait. This will be the first year where my little boy is old enough to really understand what Is going on. It will also be my daughter’s first Christmas. So, naturally I plan on turning our house into our very own grotto! These popsicle snowflakes are probably my favourite Christmas decorations to make with little people. Back when I worked in a preschool, I would make hundreds of them for the children to decorate and just like real snowflakes, each one turned out beautiful and unique. Our Preschool tree always turned out great. They’re really simple and easy, so why not give them a go?

You will need

Popsicle sticks (UK/US)
Ribbon (UK/US)
Stuff to decorate (Gems, pom poms, paints etc)
Glue Gun

take your popsicle sticks and paint them in your desired colour. You will need 4 popsicle sticks per snowflake.

Once your four painted popsicle sticks are dry, use your glue gun to glue them together in your snowflake shape.

Now its time for the fun part; Decorating your snowflake! you could use anything you like to decorate yours. We used Gems, Pom Poms and paint!

To finish, cut a length of ribbon, fold it in half and tie the bottom in a knot to create a loop.
Use your glue gun to attach the ribbon to the back of your decoration.

Your Popsicle stick snowflakes are finished! How sweet do they look?
I’d love to see how yours turned out! Did you know I’m now on Facebook and Twitter?

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