Pipe cleaner lollipop ornaments.

Pipe cleaner lollipop ornaments.

After making our polymer clay lollipops I thought that I would upload these simple pipe cleaner lollipop ornaments too. Clay is fab and great for crafting but it’s something that until recently we never really kept in the house, plus it can be quite expensive if you buy the better brands. Pipe cleaners however are so cheap and easy to find (most pound shops sell them) so I thought they would make for a great alternative option. To be honest I’m not even sure which ones I prefer, they both look super sweet and perfect for a Willy Wonka themed Christmas! These little cuties only cost a few pence to make and once you get the hang of them they’re quick to make too, my 4 yo managed to master twisting and rolling them after a few tries!

Here’s what we used

  • Pipecleaners
  • Bows
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our pipe cleaner lollipop ornaments

Take your chosen pipe cleaners and twist them together at one end.

Twist the pipecleaners around each other all the way along to give this awesome stripy effect.

Take one end of your pipecleaner and begin rolling it around into a spiral, ensure that you pull it tight enough to hold position. Once you get to the end wrap the loose end around the previous ring which it is next to.

Add a small length of pipe cleaner to the back of the lollipop to make the stick. Finish off your sweet decoration by adding a bow to the bottom of your lollipop spiral.

If you would like to hang your lollipop on the tree, simply add some yarn to your decoration. We found that the easiest way was to glue a loop to the back but you could always thread it through the top ring of your spiral and then tie it into a knot! Aren’t these just the sweetest little sweets?