TP roll peacock craft

TP roll peacock craft

Tp roll peacock craft for kids

If you have been to this blog before you will know that my son and i love animals. Our favourite days out are spent going to animal sanctuaries. Birds are a species that are easily overlooked, they’re not as tall as a giraffe or as cool as a lion but they are certainly beautiful! My niece and nephew recently gifted my son with a peacock feather and this inspired my son to make his own peacock pal. After a bit of playing around we eventually came up with this little cutie – doesn’t he look fab!

Here’s what we used.

  • Tp Roll
  • Blue paint and paintbrush
  • Coloured paper
  • Feathers
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Eye stickers (optional)

How to make our TP roll peacock.

Coat your Tp roll in your peacock blue paint and then put it aside to dry.

Whilst your peacock’s body is drying you can work on the tail. Take your paper plate and cut it in half. Keep one half and put the other aside.

tp roll peacock tail

Glue your coloured feathers down following the shape of your paper plate.

cardboard tube peacock body

Once your peacock body is dry you will need to make his face. Give him two little eyes and a folded triangle beak.

cardboard tube peacock craft for kids

Cut out two little elongated feet and fold a tab at the end of each one. Use these tabs to stick your feet inside the bottom of your TP roll, then fold your feet outwards.

Cover the back of your TP roll in glue and then align it centrally and inline with the bottom of your paper plate before sticking it down. Your TP roll peacock is finished! Doesn’t he look awesome?

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DIY Desk tidy gift craft

DIY Desk tidy gift craft

DIY Desk tidy gift craft

My partner has had a busy few weeks so my son and i thought we would make him a present. This DIY desk tidy is perfect for him to display at the office or on his computer table at home. My son was really chuffed with the result and so was i. What’s great too is that is that this diy desk tidy gift craft cost barely anything to make and was a really fun project for me and my son to sit and make together.

You will need

  • Tp rolls
  • Cardboard
  • Paintbrush and paint
  • A peg
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A photo
  • Items to decorate, we used stick on letters and other stickers that we had lying about

Take your piece of cardboard (we used a bit of old box) and cut it in to a rectangle to make the base. Now cut your TP rolls so that they are each a different length.

Paint your Tp rolls, Peg and carboard base in your chosen colours and put them aside to dry.

Once dry, use your glue gun to stick your cardboard tubes and peg in place on your base.

Finish decorating your desk tidy by adding some stickers and any additional decoration pieces. Now all that is left to do is add your photo to the peg holder and either gift or display your cool new craft!

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Cardboard tube Santa with reindeer

Cardboard tube Santa with reindeer

We’ve already began putting up our Christmas decorations and the house is starting to get that cosy Christmas feel with the lights and the tree. Although thanks to tiny hands the tree decorations are noticeably top heavy and a little sparse at the bottom! This year is the first one where my son really understands what’s going on, so its a big deal for us and him. That’s why this year were going full grotto and making as many decorations as we can and I absolutely love these cardboard tube Santa with reindeer we made today!

To make your Reindeer

You will need

Cardboard tube
Brown paper (we used brown package paper)
Brown pipe cleaners
Pom Poms
Googly eyes

Take your carboard tube and place it on to your brown paper. Measure and cut a piece the same height as your tube and long enough to cover it. Glue one end of the paper into place on your tube then roll the length of the paper around the tube and glue down the loose end.

To make your antlers; fold your pipe cleaner in half to create the centre loop, then pinch either side upwards to create the shape you can see on the left. Twist the two loose ends together and squeeze out any holes.

Glue your two antlers in to place on the inside of your tube. Finish off your reindeer by giving him a big pom pom nose and some googly eyes!

To make Father Christmas

You will need

Cardboard tube
Red paper
Beige paper
White paper
Pom Pom bobble and nose
Googly eyes

As with the Reindeer; Take your carboard tube and place it on to your red paper. Measure and cut a piece the same height as your tube and long enough to cover it. Glue one end of the paper into place on your tube then roll the length of the paper around the tube and glue down the loose end.

To make Santa’s hat; cut out a curved triangle shape then add a pom pom to the top and a strip of white paper to the bottom and leave to dry if necessary

Next, you will need to cut out a beard and moustache from your white piece of paper. then, cut out a face shape from your beige paper.

Glue the face shape on to your tube followed by the beard and moustache. Give your Santa two googly eyes, a nose and optionally a mouth.
To finish, glue the hat you made around the outside of the tube.

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Freestanding handprint Christmas tree

Freestanding handprint Christmas tree

Freestanding handprint Christmas tree

I cant believe there are only 15 weeks until Christmas, Where has this year gone?! We can’t wait for Christmas this year now that we have our gorgeous little girl and our big guy is old enough to understand. It may be a little while off yet but there are so many Christmas crafts I want to share this year, so I’ve started a little early! This Freestanding handprint Christmas tree looks great as a decoration and is a gorgeous keepsake too.

You will need

Green card
(or alternatively green paint and white card)
Brown, red, blue, purple, orange and pink paint
Black permanent marker

(one that won’t bleed into paint!)
Gold card
Thin cardboard

(we use an old cereal box)
TP roll

First you will need to take your green card, draw around your hands (or alternatively, you could print your hands with green paint) and cut out the shapes. You will need four handprints with the thumb pointing left and four handprints with the thumb pointing right.

Position your handprints on your thin cardboard so that you have 3 on the bottom row, two just touching in the centre and two overlapping on the top row. Make sure that you have the thumb part of your handprints facing outwards. Glue down your handprints then cut a star from your gold card and stick it at the top of your tree.

When the glue has dried, cut out your reinforced tree. Now to decorate! To start your Christmas lights. Take your permanent black marker and draw on the lines to create the wires.

Now, take your tray of paints and dot fingerprints all along the black lines to make your fairy lights.
Tip: If your marker starts to bleed, you can blow over it with a cool hairdryer to dry the paint quickly!

To make the stand for your Christmas tree, take your TP roll and cut it about 2/3rds up. Take the larger section and paint it brown.

Once both pieces are dry, Position the tree trunk in the centre at the bottom of your tree. Make two snips in the bottom of your tree where the edges of the tp roll touch it. Slide the Tp roll into these two slits. Position your tree centrally on the TP roll so that your tree can stand freely.

Your Freestanding handprint Christmas tree is finished! How sweet do these look?!

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TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom

I know, ANOTHER Halloween craft! I just can’t stop this week. Halloween might be a couple of months away but I just love the crafts. They’re so much fun to make. Besides, when Halloween does eventually arrive we’ll have plenty of crafts to dot around the house! This TP roll witch on a broom is probably my favourite one so far. I really enjoyed making these, let alone my 3yo. I think we’re going to have a whole army of witches by the time Halloween does arrive, they’ll look great hanging from the ceiling!

You will need:

A TP roll
1 sheet of black card
Black, gold, green and brown paper
2 google eyes
1 pom pom
A black marker
Glue gun

First you will need to cover your TP roll in black paper. Measure the height of your tp roll on your paper and cut out enough width to cover the roll. Roll the paper around your TP roll and secure with a glue gun.

Now to start making your witches hat. Cut out the shape as shown above from your black card. It should look like a 1/4 of a circle.

Roll your shape into the cone shape of a witches hat. Then make equal length snips all around the bottom of the hat to make tabs.

To make the brim of the hat, cut out a small circle from your card. Fold the tabs on the cone shape inwards, then use the glue to stick it onto the centre of your circle.

Next you will need to take your green paper and cut out the shape for your witches face.
To make your witches’ hair, cut out small strips of paper and roll one end. You will probably find it easier to position the hair if each piece is a different length.

To make the buckle on the witches’ hat, simple cut out a strip of gold paper. Then, cut out a gold square and a slightly smaller black square. Secure the pieces together using glue. Wrap your buckle around the hat and secure it with more glue.

Take all the pieces you have made and glue them into place on your TP roll. Give your witch a face by adding googly eyes and a pom pom nose. Use a black marker to add a mouth and some eyebrows!

To give your witch a broomstick you will need to give her some legs. Make two snips in the front of your TP roll. Bend the centre piece upwards and secure it with glue. Repeat this step on the back but make the snips a bit shorter so that the broom is angled slightly.

All that you need to do now is make your broomstick! To do this. Roll up a rectangular piece of paper to make a tube, ensure it fits snugly inside the TP roll legs, then secure it with glue. Snip all around one end of your tube to create the broom bristles. Bend the bristles in different directions then glue the broomstick inside the TP roll legs. If your broom is too long, simply snip a piece off the front!

And that’s it your Spooktacular TP Roll witch on a broom is finished! doesn’t she look cute?!

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