chocolate strawberry valentines card craft for kids

How adorable are these chocolate strawberry valentines cards!?

Valentines day is fast approaching and we have been busy making some cards to send out to all our loved ones. Valentines isn’t really something me and my other half celebrate too much, he’s not really the romantic sort! I usually get a cute little present and some years we might cuddle up and watch a film which is lovely! This year though, we think its more important than ever to share a little love around to the important people on our lives. Do you have any valentines day traditions in your house? we’d love to hear them!

Here’s what we used

  • Coloured card
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make our chocolate strawberry valentines cards

Start by taking your piece of card and folding it in half to make your card shape. Using the bottom corner as the point, draw your heart shape onto your card. Remember to leave part of the fold line intact so you end up with one little heart shaped card rather than two card hearts!!

Cut out two equal strips of green paper and cut a zig zag shape into one side of each. Glue a strip on either side at the center of the heart and trim any excess as you can see above. Then cut out A small stem shape and glue it in the middle of the heart.

Cut out several small circles for the seeds (we used a hole punch to make our little circles!) and glue them all over the strawberry heart.

chocolate strawberry valentines card craft for kids

Finally take a brown piece of paper and cut out the shape of your chocolate dip, glue it onto your card and your card is finished!
Tip: use the corner of your brown paper as the point of your chocolate so that it fits your card perfectly.

chocolate strawberry valentines card craft for kids

All that’s left to do is add your special message to the inside and your card is ready to gift!!

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