When we first moved house a few months back, my little boy was really nervous about moving into his new room, he wasn’t sure on his bedroom and he hated this one dark corner. I was desperate to find some way to make it feel more homely for him. As I was looking through the photo album of a lantern festival that we had recently attended the idea came into my head to have a look online for some lanterns to hang in said dim corner. I found these particular lanterns on ebay, They’re really cute and really cheap which was a bonus!
We hung these with string but I imagine they would look great with clear wire; as if the hot air balloons were really flying! I then tracked down some battery candles which could be turned on and off by remote to go in the baskets. They are amazing! really bright and excellent quality. To make things even better both the battery covers on the candles and on the remote are secured with a screw so Ted can hold and use the remote without me worrying that he can access the batteries. He absolutely loves his balloons and they have been great for helping him get settled into his new bedroom! These balloons also look really sweet and would make a great addition to any bedroom, just make sure you turn the candles off when your little ones go to sleep or they will cost you a fortune in batteries!


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