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Make your own Clay fossils

How we made our fossils
ou will need:
Clay. we used air drying.
items to imprint
Brown paint
Cream/beige paint

1) make the bases of your fossils, we rolled our clay into a ball and then used the palms of our hands to flatten it into a circular shape.

2) Imprint your chosen subject, make sure you make the imprints fairly deep so as to make painting your fossils easier. Here we’ve made dinosaur footprints.

3) paint inside your imprints using your brown paint and allow to dry. Don’t worry if you get the paint over the surface of your fossil like Ted and I did. it will cover over later!
4) cover the surface of your fossil using your light coloured paint and allow to dry! how great do they look?! why not hide them in some brown or dyed rice and go on a fossil hunt?






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