80 ideas for things to do this summer: Our summer bucket list

School holidays are almost upon us and this year we decided to create a bucket list to encourage us to do more together this summer. We’ve included small activities as well as big ones so we can squeeze most of our activities into evenings and weekends when Dad is home from work.

Our bucket list has been created with a budget in mind, the great thing is that aside from a few big days out many of these activities are free or cheap, this means we can have loads of fun as a family without blowing the bank, which is so easily done during summer!

Here’s the full list

  1. Build a blanket fort
  2. Have a water fight
  3. Bake a Cake
  4. Have a BBQ
  5. Plant some flowers
  6. Nature painting
  7. Make fresh fruit skewers
  8. Visit family
  9. Build a garden den
  10. Make a bird feeder
  11. Go on a trip to the zoo
  12. Make a bug house
  13. Go Strawberry picking
  14. Try Geocaching
  15. Camp in the Garden
  16. Draw a storyboard
  17. Go fishing
  18. Visit a farm
  19. Draw on the patio with chalks
  20. Play hopscotch
  21. Ride on a train
  22. Make puppets and a puppet theatre
  23. Go on a scavenger hunt
  24. Make Clay Fossils
  25. Go to the Museum
  26. Have a movie night
  27. Make sensory bottles for baby
  28. Go to the Aquarium
  29. Make Leaf rubbings
  30. Donate old toys
  31. Make a fairground inspired coconut shy
  32. Make ice lollies
  33. Go to a Car boot sale
  34. Make a summer Scrapbook
  35. Go on a Picnic
  36. Go swimming
  37. Go on play dates with Preschool friends
  38. play with a water sprinkler
  39. Fly a kite
  40. Make a slip n slide
  41. Splash in the paddling pool
  42. Go to the arcades and play on the penny machines
  43. Put on a puppet show
  44. Play Frisbee
  45. Join a Club (sport, swimming, music etc)
  46. Ride a bike or scooter on a family walk
  47. Make fruit smoothies
  48. Go on a make believe Safari
  49. Make a play Restaurant
  50. Go to the Library
  51. Hunt for insects
  52. Tidy/rearrange and style the kids bedrooms
  53. Paint rocks
    (many towns have rock painting Facebook pages, the basic idea is to find hidden rocks, post them on the page then either keep them or re-hide them and paint more to hide, we’ve stumbled across a few lovely rocks whilst out and about)
  54. Read a new book
  55. Make our own Pizza
  56. Start a science project, probably an exploding paper Mache volcano!
  57. Do some handprint art to hand and give to Family
  58. Go stargazing
  59. Go to the Beach
  60. Have a family board game night
  61. Was the car
  62. Do some junk modelling
  63. Play rounders
  64. Spend time with Cousins
  65. Use our membership and visit a national trust site
  66. Feed the ducks at the nearby lake
  67. Visit all the local parks
  68. Blow bubbles – finally use all the bubble mixture we’ve collected!
  69. Play tag in the garden
  70. Play Cricket with the whole family
  71. Build a sandcastle
  72. Play hide and seek
  73. Make somebody a gift
  74. Make paper Airplanes
  75. Do 5 jigsaw puzzles
  76. Learn to skip rocks on the lake
  77. Make homemade lemonade
  78. Make Biscuits
  79. Build a giant Lego castle
  80. Play snap

We don’t expect to achieve every single item on the list but we will keep you updated on our progress by highlighting in red which ones we manage to do!

What have you got on your family bucket list? are you ready for the summer holidays? I know we aren’t!

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