Super simple suncatchers – no contact paper needed.

What you will need:

1 Plastic wallet/envelope
Crepe Paper
PVA Glue
A paintbrush or glue stick
A protected surface (Tissue paper can bleed and stain the only reason were not using a mat is because our old table is specifically used for crafts!)
A laminator

cut your desired shape out of your plastic wallet and coat it in a layer of glue. We decided to make hot air balloons!


Cut your tissue paper in to small squares and layer the squares all over your shape. Try not to leave any big gaps but don’t worry if you go over the edges, you can trim these later! 


Ted layered his balloon pretty heavily so we coated the tissue paper with a layer of PVA to weigh it down and keep it in place. 


Leave your design to dry on a piece of paper or protected surface. Once dry, trim the edges of your shape and then peel the tissue paper away from the plastic wallet (you can use your shape again!) 
Make sure you laminate your shapes before sticking them in the window, as I mentioned before tissue paper can bleed and stain if it gets wet and its a real nightmare to get off of surfaces! 

IMG_0751 (3)IMG_0746 

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