Finished paper plate orca whale. under the sea craft for kids

If you have been following our blog, you will know that my little boy just LOVES all things under the sea. He’s always teaching me new things that he has learned from his books and from watching the documentaries on Disney +. Whales in particular are his all time favourite creatures. So, for the last few days we’ve been super busy making some fun whale craft ideas to share with you! We started off with this adorable paper plate orca whale and we just love him – he looks so sweet (though my son assures me real killer whales are not so sweet!). This simple little craft is easy to make and bound to be a hit with any young ocean enthusiasts!

Here’s what we used

  • Paper plate
  • Black card
  • Black paint and brush
  • White, black, blue and pink paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a paper plate orca whale

Take the paper plate and cover the top 3/4 in black paint before popping aside to dry.
(for younger children it may be easier to just paint the whole plate black and then cut out and glue on a small section of another plain white plate as we did with my youngest)

Cut out the leaf shape of the whale’s flippers and dorsal fins then glue them down in position on the back of the paper plate.

Glue on two inwards facing white arches on either side of the paper plate near where the eyes will be.

Finished paper plate orca whale. under the sea craft for kids

Cut out two large ovals for the outer eyes, two slightly smaller black circles for the pupils and two small white circles for the light spots. Glue the pieces together and then onto the paper plate. Cut out and stick down a semi circle mouth and then once dry the paper plate orca is finished!

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