Love bug heart card

This Little lovebug heart card makes the perfect card for valentines day or for any loved one! They’re super simple to make and only require basic craft materials, which makes it a great craft for classes and groups.

You will need:

Red card
Black card
Googly eyes
Black pen

From one piece of card you can make 3 love bug cards. Fold the card into 3 and cut along the folded lines.

Take one of your rectangle sections and fold it in half. Next you need to make your heart shape. To ensure the card functions, be careful not to cut the folded side of the card. Instead, use the folded side to make one side of your heart.

Next you need to make the head shape of your love bug. We found the easiest way to do this was to draw around the point of our bug then freehand draw the curve. Cut it out and glue it on to your bug.

Now you need to cut out and glue down hearts to decorate your card.

To finish the front of your little lovebug heart card, add two googly eyes, cut out a mouth shape and use your marker to draw on the shape of your wings!

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