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Yarn wrapped sheep craft for kids

Living out in the countryside we’re lucky enough to have a whole host of animals living in the fields near our house. The kids love going on walks around the area and spotting all the local wildlife and farm animals. At the moment my little girl is particularly fond of sheep, so we decided today to make something sheepy! We really enjoyed making this cute yarn wrapped sheep craft and hope you do too!

Here’s what we used

  • A piece of cardboard (we used a bit of old box)
  • White yarn
  • White and black paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape/glue

How to make this yarn wrapped sheep craft

Grab the piece of cardboard and cut out  a cloud shaped piece.

Take the loose end of yarn and secure it firmly to the back of your cloud shape using tape/glue.

Yarn wrapped sheep craft for kids

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard shape in varying directions until it is well covered as well as nice and puffy! Snip the remaining yarn off and glue the loose end down on the back of the sheep shape.

Yarn wrapped sheep craft for kids

Cut out a mushroom shaped head and add a face to the front of it. Next cut out two rectangle legs and glue the legs and head to the front of the sheep. Your yarn sheep is finished! Aren’t these just adorable?!

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