paper plate duck pond rocker craft idea for kids

Ever since he was tiny my son has always loved going to see the ducks. Where we live we’re lucky to have some lovely little duck ponds locally and he loves going with his pound coin to buy some feed for them. The ponds are always quiet and the ducks are always out in force so it makes for a really lovely afternoon out. Our personal favourites that we love to try and spot are the mallards with the beautiful green heads, they’re lovely to look at and the ones by us are so friendly too. They always waddle up to say hello (and see if we have anything to eat no doubt) Which has made them particularly popular with my two little ones too!

We decided that we wanted to make a duck themed craft, we’d recently made one of these rockers with a ship on the ocean and thought, why not a duck on a pond too! I think this little duck pond rocker craft turned out pretty cute! what do you think?

Here’s what we used

  • Coloured card
  • Blue (or painted blue) Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Eye stickers (optional)

How we made our duck pond rocker craft

First we started by making our cute little duck. To make the body, cut out a curved raindrop shape and then make the head by cutting out a P shaped piece and glue the two together.

Cut out and glue on a triangle for the beak and a wing shape to sit centrally across his body.

paper plate duck pond rocker craft idea for kids

Finish off the duck by giving him a big beady eye! Now take your paper plate and fold in in half. Glue your folded paper plate on the front of your duck so that your duck is facing forward as above. If your paper plate is a little bit flimsy and won’t stand, you my need to open it up and pop a dab of glue inside the top corners of you fold to firm it up.

paper plate duck pond rocker craft idea for kids

finish your adorable duck pond rocker by adding some little lily pads or pond flowers to the front of the paper plate pond. Once dry, it’s ready for little one to play with! Aren’t they just too cute!

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