Popsicle stick spiderweb craft for kids

When it comes to the holidays we love to have as many of our decorations handmade as we possibly can. so naturally with Halloween right around the corner we’ve been trying to come up with as many fun creepy crawly themed crafts as possible. I’d seen some really cute Popsicle stick spiderwebs online where the Popsicle sticks are glued into a star shape but when we actually came to make them my 4yo son found it too tricky to twist the yarn around the sticks. He was pretty disappointed as he really wanted to make a spiderweb after seeing them online so we decided to come up with our own easier version. After a good amount of time (and a little frustration) playing around with the Popsicle sticks we eventually came up with this cute diamond shaped Popsicle stick spider web craft. My little guy found them really easy to make and had tons of fun with them too!

Here’s what we used

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Yarn
  • Black Pom pom
  • Black paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Here’s how we made our popsicle stick spider web craft

Take four popsickle sticks and glue them together into a diamond shape, ensure that the two points at the widest part overlap slightly as you can see above. Then take one end of your yarn and tie it on to one of the sticks.

Wrap the yarn all around the outside of  the stick frame. Little ones may need some help to ensure that the yarn is pulled tout.

Popsicle stick spiderweb craft for kids

When your happy with your web, take your yarn and wrap it around the longest part of your diamond 2-3 times. It should sit nicely between the lollipop sticks that you overlapped. Once finished chop your yarn and then tie the loose end to your stick frame. Next it’s time to make your little spider! To make ours we cut out four long paper strips and glued them together in the centre to make 8 legs. We then added some googly eyes to a pom pom before sticking it down onto the legs.

Popsicle stick spiderweb craft for kids

Glue your spider on to the front of your string web. Tie a loop through under the string between the overlapped Popsicle sticks and your decoration is ready to hang!

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