When it comes to scrap paper I’m something of a hoarder. You never know when you’re going to need a small piece of just one colour. However, lately my scrap paper box has been completely overflowing, so I decided it was time we emptied it out a bit. These scrap paper mosaics are really fun and simple and each child can make their own unique designs from the same set up. We had so much fun making these and even looked at some Roman and Greek mosaics on the internet, making it an educational activity too!

You will need

Scrap colored paper
white paper.

To make your mosaics, simple take your scrap paper and cut each piece into strips and then squares. You may want to draw your design on to your paper or you may just want to freehand. Simply stick down your mosaics squares in a design of your choice!

It really is that simple and that’s why this activity is so great, it’s really easy and children can be as creative as they like. We spent over an hour making ours together, check out our mosaics for some ideas on what to make!

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