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For us in the UK, today is bonfire night (or Guy fawkes day depending on what you call it!). Fireworks have been going off everywhere and were expecting to see some pretty big displays on around our house tonight! We love watching the fireworks, They’re so beautiful and colourful and From the safety of our house my son doesn’t worry about the bangs! To celebrate the occasion we thought we would make some Q-tip painted fireworks. How cool do all those bright colours look?!

You will need:

A few coloured paints
some Q-tips
Black card

To make your fireworks, all you have to do is dip your Q-tips into your paint and then on to your black paper! Alternating colours gives them a great effect!

You can paint your fireworks in all different shapes, We mostly used star, circle and spiral shapes. Young children will find it easier to dot the colours randomly, which looks great too! If you are painting with young children this is a great opportunity to practise learning colours!

To finish your Q-tip painted fireworks ; just dip your Q-tip into some white paint and lightly streak some rocket trails below each shape!

Your Super simple Q-tip Fireworks are finished, such a fun and easy craft!

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