Cd penguin winter craft idea for kids

This sweet and easy little CD penguin craft is so simple to make and a great way to recycle old cds or dvds. We’ve got ours hung up in the window so that it reflects the light and It looks so cute as it twirls around. My little boy really loves making any kind of animal crafts, he’s always been fascinated with creatures big and small. He loves his little penguin and wants to make a whole bunch of CD animals for his window and as we make them we will share them with you too!

Heres what we used

  • An old CD
  • Funky foam
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Hole punch
  • String

How to make our CD penguin

Take your foam and cut out a circle shape for the head and two oval wings. Glue the shapes down in position on your CD and then leave to dry slightly.

Cut out two round eyes, a triangle beak and two little flippers. Stick the eyes and beak down on the head piece and the flippers on the bottom of the CD then leave to dry completely.

CD penguin craft idea for kids

If you want to use your penguin as a hanging decoration (they look fab spinning around and reflecting the light!) Simply punch a hole at the top and tie a loop of string through.

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