62 Disney inspired Boys names.

62 Disney inspired Boys names.

62 Disney inspired Boys names.

We love Disney in this house and when picking names Disney offered us a tonne of inspiration – In fact, both of our children share names with Disney characters! Here is our list of our favourite Disney names for boys.


The playful and devoted owner of the toys from Toy Story.
Meaning: Manly


The god of sun makes an appearance in Hercules.
Meaning: Destroyer.


Arlo is the lovable Apatosaurus who finds his way home with the help of his pal spike in The Good Dinosaur.
Meaning: Fortified hill.


Arthur Pendragon, the legendary boy who pulled the sword from the Anvil in The sword in the stone.
Meaning: Noble strength, Bear


The (mostly) Friendly shark from the classic Finding Nemo.
Meaning: –


Our Favourite Space ranger from Disney’s Toy story.
Meaning: Village in the woods


The old age widower who captured our hearts in UP.
Meaning: Free man


Chip could be representative of either the enchanted boy-turned-teacup from Beauty and the Beast or one half of the chipmunk Duo Chip and Dale.
Meaning: Diminutive Form Of Charles.


Christopher Robin The most beloved friend of Winnie the Pooh!
Meaning: Christ Bearer


The villainous Guide and hunter from Tarzan.
Meaning: A place with good clay


The young boy who rescues Marahute the Golden Eagle in The Rescuers Down Under.
Meaning: Helpful


The other half of the Chip and Dale chipmunk duo.
Meaning: Valley


The super speedy son on Mr and Mrs Incredible in The Incredibles.
Meaning: From the Ash


Davy Jones is the original captain of the flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Meaning: Beloved or friend


The Grouchy but loveable Duck pal of Mickey Mouse.
Meaning: world-ruler


Dug is a playful dog who has the ability to talk thanks to a special collar in UP.
Meaning: Dark stream


The name Duke is inspired by both Duke Caboom the stunt toy in Toy Story 4 and Duke Weasleton, the crook captured by Judy in Zootopia.
Meaning: Leader


The large, clumsy dragon from Pete’s Dragon.
Meaning –


The human Prince who was hypnotised by Ursula before eventually finding his true love with Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
Meaning: Eternal ruler


Felix is another name with two Disney namesakes. Fix it Felix Jr is the Benevolent resident of Nicetown and friend to Wreck-it-Ralph. Experiment 010 also known as Felix was created by Jumba Jookiba and is an OCD cleaner and pal to fellow experiment Stitch in the Lilo and Stitch series.
Meaning: Happy


Finn is a protagonist in the Star Wars sequel Trilogy.
Meaning: Fair


The lovable rogue and love interest of Rapunzel in Tangled whose real name is secretly Eugene Fitzherbert.
Meaning: Reddish or Ruddy


A major comic book enthusiast and member of Big Hero 6.
Meaning: Peaceful ruler


An adorable mouse and one of Cinderella‘s dearest friends.
Meaning: Magnificent


The villainous prince that pretends to love Anna in hope of becoming king in Frozen.
Meaning: God is gracious


Robotics whizz and founder of Big Hero 6.
Meaning: Generous


The loud and opinionated Parrot that once worked against Aladdin but reformed and became an amusing anti-hero.
Meaning: Supplanter


Jack could take inspiration from the pumpkin king of Halloween town who became infatuated with Christmas in The Nightmare Before Christmas OR Captain Jack Sparrow our favourite Disney pirate and (intermittently) Captain of the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Meaning: Originally a nickname for John


There are a few James’ in the Disney universe but our Favourites are James P. Sullivan The Gentle monster who befriends Boo in Monsters Inc and Captain James Hook, the villainous pirate in Peter Pan.
Meaning: –


Joshamee Gibbs the loyal friend and first mate of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Meaning: No meaning, The name was penned for the character and is very rare.


Our favourite Frozen character, Best friend of Sven the reindeer and loyal love interest of princess Anna.
Meaning: Form of Christopher which means Christ-bearer


The greedy valet of Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog.
Meaning: Man from Laurentum


The worrisome clown fish who is very protective of his son Nemo and travels across the ocean to find him in Finding Nemo.
Meaning: This name has several various meanings


A member of Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew who is short in height but has huge fighting spirit in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Meaning: War-like, Of mars


The shapeshifting demigod who alongside Moana is challenged with returning the heart of Te Fiti.
Meaning: God of fire, Magic


The droopy eared son of Goofy who appears in many movies and shorts such as The Goofy Movie. Prince Eric also has a dog named Max In The Little Mermaid.
Meaning: Greatest


The food loving pet Raccoon of Pocahontas.
Meaning: I really struggled to find a meaning for this name, this name is extremely rare despite how beautiful it is!


Michael Darling, the youngest brother of Wendy who flies to Neverland in Peter Pan.
Michael could also be for Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc!
Meaning: who is like God? (as a rhetorical question)


The most iconic figure of Disney who needs no introduction – Mickey mouse!
Meaning: variation of Michael


The animal like boy who was raised by wolves in The Jungle Book.
Meaning: the name is believed to have been penned by Kipling when writing the Jungle Book.


The King of the Pride lands and Father to Simba who broke several hearts with his untimely passing at the hands of Scar in The Lion King.
Meaning: King


The handsome prince of Maldonia who was transformed into a frog by Dr Facilier, the voodoo witch doctor in The Princess and the Frog.
Meaning: New


The witty and intelligent con-artist fox who breaks through his stereotypes and becomes a police officer in Zootopia.
Meaning: Victory of the people


Oaken is the owner of wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, who throws Kristoff out after he calls him a crook in Frozen.
Meaning: –


Everybody’s favourite snowman who was created by Elsa in Frozen.
Meaning: ancestor’s relic


The title character of Oliver and company; a loving young kitten who is taken in by Dodger and Fagin but is eventually adopted by a little girl named Jenny.
Meaning: The Olive tree


Rapunzel’s Loyal Chameleon from Tangled who is very protective of his best friend.
Meaning: Easter child


Disney’s first Villain and Mickey’s Arch-nemesis Pete, a large anthropomorphic cat!
Meaning: A stone or rock


Peter Pan, The Leader of the lost boys who live in neverland.
Meaning: A rock or stone


The Prince who awoke Aurora with true love’s kiss in Sleeping Beauty.
There is also a Philip in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, he is a man of strong faith who falls for a mermaid.
Meaning: Lover of horses.


Randall Boggs, the Chameleon like Antagonist from Monsters Inc who attempts to kidnap Boo.
Meaning: (derived from Randolf)  Shield Wolf


The Talented Rat who dreams of becoming a successful chef in Ratatouille.
Meaning: Rower


Andy’s anxious and affectionate Tyrannosaurus Rex toy from Toy Story who is more than a little clumsy.
Meaning: King


From Disney’s gorgeous adaptation of Robin Hood. Robin is an outlaw with heroic intentions.
Meaning: Bright, Fame.


The fun-filled but anxious lovable Junior Wilderness explorer who travelled to paradise falls in UP.
Meaning: Red


A Jamaican crab who is composer and advisor to King Triton and watches over Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
Meaning: Revered


King Stefan is father to the Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.
Meaning: Garland, Crown

Sullivan (Sully)

Our favourite big-hearted Monster from Monsters Inc.
Meaning: Keen eye, Hawk Eyed


Sven the Reindeer, Kristoff’s lifelong friend in Frozen.
Meaning: youth, young boy


The sweet young fox who befriended Copper in The Fox and the Hound; the film that reduced even grown men to tears.
Meaning: Clever, Fox


Will Turner is one of the main antagonists in Pirates of the Caribbean, an honourable blacksmith who eventually becomes the Captain of the flying Dutchman.
Meaning: Protector


Probably the worlds most famous fictional cowboy. An extremely loyal toy who has plenty of love to go around in Toy Story.
Meaning: Lane in a wood

Please note, I have done my best to ensure that we have the correct meanings for each name but strongly recommended that if you are interested in any of these names because of the meanings, that you check yourself the meaning of the name to be 100% sure.