Easy paper Halloween witches.

Easy paper Halloween witches.

Easy paper Halloween witches craft for kids

Easy paper Halloween witches.

Ok Ok, i know.. ANOTHER paper cone craft! But we’ve just been having so much fun making these. It’s awesome just how many designs you can make from them. These little easy paper Halloween witches might just be my favourite so far, they’re so adorable! We made ours friendly witches but you could alter yours to have any kind of expression you like. We’ve stashed these in the cupboard ready for Halloween when were going to hang them up in our conservatory. Why not give them a go?!

You will need

  • Coloured/black card
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Eye stickers (optional)

Take a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half to make a card shape. Then, take a pencil and draw a gradual curve starting from just above the centre of your fold line to the bottom right corner (you’ll need to make sure the curve isn’t too sharp or it won’t match up when folded). Cut out your shape.

Fold your shape in half and trim off any excess to make sure both sides are even.

Open up your shape to reveal your 4 sections. Cover one of your end sections in glue

and then pull it round and stick it down on the back of your other end section to create a triangular cone.

To make the curly hair..

First you’ll need to cut out a circle for the face. Then, Cut out 4-6 long strips of coloured paper. Roll one end around and pen to give you the curls

and then Glue the curls down equally on either side of your face circle.

To make the straight hair..

Cut out a round circle for the face. Then, cut out a slightly larger circle from your hair coloured paper. Glue your face circle on to the hair circle…

and trim your hair to your chosen shape.

Easy paper Halloween witches craft for kids

Cut out a pointy witches hat and glue it across the top of her head. Now it’s time to give your witch a face! She will need two eyes, a nose and a mouth. You could add some other fun features too – such as some witchy warts! Put your witch’s head to one side whilst you make the other pieces.

Easy paper Halloween witches craft for kids

To make the wand cut out a black strip for the handle. Then cut out two matching stars (either by drawing around the first or cutting out two at once) and glue one to the front of the strip and match the other up on the back. put your wand to one side for a moment.

To make the broomstick cut out a strip of brown paper. Roll it round and round and glue at the end to make a small tube, make several snips into one end of the tube and open them out to make bristles.

Easy paper Halloween witches craft for kids

Next cut out two rounded off strips for the arms. fold and glue one strip around the wand and the other around the broom, just as you can see above.

Easy paper Halloween witches craft for kids

Now all that’s left to do is add your witch’s head and arms to her dress and she is finished, Doesn’t she look great! Why not add some extra decorations to her dress and hat.

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TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom

I know, ANOTHER Halloween craft! I just can’t stop this week. Halloween might be a couple of months away but I just love the crafts. They’re so much fun to make. Besides, when Halloween does eventually arrive we’ll have plenty of crafts to dot around the house! This TP roll witch on a broom is probably my favourite one so far. I really enjoyed making these, let alone my 3yo. I think we’re going to have a whole army of witches by the time Halloween does arrive, they’ll look great hanging from the ceiling!

You will need:

A TP roll
1 sheet of black card
Black, gold, green and brown paper
2 google eyes
1 pom pom
A black marker
Glue gun

First you will need to cover your TP roll in black paper. Measure the height of your tp roll on your paper and cut out enough width to cover the roll. Roll the paper around your TP roll and secure with a glue gun.

Now to start making your witches hat. Cut out the shape as shown above from your black card. It should look like a 1/4 of a circle.

Roll your shape into the cone shape of a witches hat. Then make equal length snips all around the bottom of the hat to make tabs.

To make the brim of the hat, cut out a small circle from your card. Fold the tabs on the cone shape inwards, then use the glue to stick it onto the centre of your circle.

Next you will need to take your green paper and cut out the shape for your witches face.
To make your witches’ hair, cut out small strips of paper and roll one end. You will probably find it easier to position the hair if each piece is a different length.

To make the buckle on the witches’ hat, simple cut out a strip of gold paper. Then, cut out a gold square and a slightly smaller black square. Secure the pieces together using glue. Wrap your buckle around the hat and secure it with more glue.

Take all the pieces you have made and glue them into place on your TP roll. Give your witch a face by adding googly eyes and a pom pom nose. Use a black marker to add a mouth and some eyebrows!

To give your witch a broomstick you will need to give her some legs. Make two snips in the front of your TP roll. Bend the centre piece upwards and secure it with glue. Repeat this step on the back but make the snips a bit shorter so that the broom is angled slightly.

All that you need to do now is make your broomstick! To do this. Roll up a rectangular piece of paper to make a tube, ensure it fits snugly inside the TP roll legs, then secure it with glue. Snip all around one end of your tube to create the broom bristles. Bend the bristles in different directions then glue the broomstick inside the TP roll legs. If your broom is too long, simply snip a piece off the front!

And that’s it your Spooktacular TP Roll witch on a broom is finished! doesn’t she look cute?!

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